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Who had FUN?

Saturday, 4th September.

So, last Saturday I went out with my friends in unisel to KL. The party was four at first, Faiz, Fiffie, Yona and moi... So, by 3pm, we moved out to Kuala Lumpur from unisel. Oh yeah, the purpose for this outing is actually because both Yona and Fiffie wanted to buy some more things for Raya.  And, Yona also told me while they're at it, she's going to accompany her BF buy some shoes. Yeah, I forgot to mention, he was part of the list too. so, we stop by at Pertronas Ijok to fill car gas and buy some snacks. Now, I know what you're thinking, but I'm so not gonna lie on that. SO, yeah, it is what you think it is. The girls have their reason, which is acceptable, unlike me, that have absolutely no excuse.... La..La..La...La..La....
Anyway, Yona bought this Nyam Nyam treat which I guess almost everyone from the 90s knew what it is. That thing was a favorite of mine too. Eating that thing brings back memories... Gosh!

Remember? I just love how the chocolate makes the puffy things stick like it's glue or magnet whatsoever. When I was a kid, I really kept on pondering how did the puffy things stick to the chocolate. It WAS kind of stupid to even figure it out when I was a kid because I weren't that good in science. The only thing I'm good at it Language, and that is why I'm babbling here.. hahahaha

And as usual, there should be some camwhoring session.

We stop by at Taman Melati because we wanted to pick up Yona's BF, but he brought his own car instead, so we kind of split the party. Yona went with her BF while I stayed with Faiz and Fifie. We went ahead to our destination first because Yona's BF wanted to get his hair cut first, then they'll join us. So, we said see you laters and went ahead. Do you know where our destination was?

Yup, Berjaya Times Square. Do you know why we picked this place? Because it has the shops that the girls wanted to go and it has a cinema which Yona and I were dying to watch Vampires Sucks showing. So we got there fine, there wasn't too much traffic in KL even though it is a weekend, and there was no trouble finding parking place (even though we anticipated that it'd be fucking full). We entered, and whooooosh... I felt. Ahahahhaa.... haven't been there for like ages. When was the last time I went there? I can't even remember because lately, the only place that we went again and again was One Utama (because it's the nearest happening complexes to unisel).

So yeah, it's almost Raya and Raya decoration was all over the place. Outside, however there was this event of coffee something which draws Chinese attention, so I wasn't attracted. Faiz told me that he wanted to withdraw some money from the ATM and asked me to lead him. I brought him downstair to the Maybank ATMs and there was..........

There was a long queue. I didn't want to line up so, I asked him to do my withdrawal too. While waiting for him to do that, I went to the Subzero outlet which is just nearby.

Okay, honestly, I wanted to do some shopping there, only because there was a huge sale. Most of the items were like on sale and they have like 50%, 60%, and 70% items. And I was like, "Yay, I could save more money like this,". But I totally forgot that clothes at Subzero are like super duper mega fucking EXPENSIVE. Even with those sales discounts, the items are still like RM100++. 

And I said BUH-BYE to Subzero and went outside because it's impossible for me to afford any of those clothes. I guess I'll just have to stick with Tesco or Jusco or cheaper places.... (I am feeling extremely down on this issue). Anyway, just as Faiz already finished withdrawing money, we talked about where to go. Since Yona hasn't still arrived there in Times, I said to them let's go to the arcade and kill some time.

And we did. I spent like almost an hour in there. Yeah, just me. Because Fifie was super dizzy and can't stand noisy places so she went outside and Faiz accompanied her. I don't mind because I was having so much fun watching some of these Chinese dudes and gals playing on the Para Para dancing machine. They were like super awesome. Especially one particular girl. She's amazing! And instead of hovering her to hit the arrows, she made it like a real dance. It was awesome. I can never be so good like that. No, really. Honestly, I like dancing, but I can never be good at it.

An hour and a half passed by and Yona still hasn't arrived. I was getting kind of worried so I asked what happened, she didn't reply to most of my messages but only replied two of it. She said GG's friend is somewhat in a fix and they can't get to Times early, so she said don't worry and enjoy.

I asked Fifie if she wanted to start shopping and she said 'No' because she was extremely tired (she stayed up until 3am the night before. I stayed up until 6am. You do the thinking). So, we start scouting for places to break our fast and there was this mini quarrel between Faiz and Fiffie because they can't decided whether to go to Marry Brown or Wendy's. Honestly, I don't care. Anywhere's fine, as long as they have food. Hahahahahahaha!

And we chose Wendy's. I don't know if it was the first time for Faiz, but it was definitely my second time at Wendy's. Fifie? Well, she went to Wendy's like, most of the time when she's in Puchong, so I don't know if this is the 100th times she went to Wendy's or whatever. I don't care. Sorry, no food pictures, my phone batteries was low.

OH yeah, when we were eating, I got a text from Yona saying that she can't make it because GG wanted to go back to unisel straight ahead after break fasting, so, Yona didn't join the fray. And too bad for her because I already reserved out tickets to watch Vampires Sucks.

After eating, we went to collect our tickets, and I spent some more time in the arcade because the movie starts at 9.30pm. Right after the movie, we went didn't waste so much time and head back home.

And apparently, it looked like I was the only person having fun that day. Seriously...
-Yona had to accompany GG who wanted to go back early, so no shopping and movie for her.
-Fiffie was feeling all dizzy and tired because she didn't have enough sleep.
-Faiz had to cater to Fiffie's needs.
Yeah, me. I was the only one having fun. I played Para-Para, played at the arcade, had a wonderful dinner at Wendy's, watch the movie that I'm dying to watch, and spent the day out, from unisel. Yup, just me. Well, at least that's what I thought. I don't know if they did have fun that day or not.

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