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What I think about Resident Evil : Afterlife?

This installment of Resident Evil is clearly a success like the previous two. I just love how Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter work together in this movie. The introduction of the movie is clearly astonishing as Alice threw the Umbrella corporation that is hiding underground into a complete chaos as she slaughters hundreds of Umbrella soldiers mercilessly. And the fun part of it is that she received the help of all of her clones. But all of the fun part ends for her as just a little bit later, her extraordinary powers or T-Virus inside her body was neutralized, leaving her as normal human being.

This movie provides a lot of exciting gun-shooting, zombie-killing, head-blasting moments where Alice uses all of her expertise in gun-shooting and amazing flexibility to fend off zombies and blasting their heads to oblivion. You don't want to miss any frame of the movie because every frame is just as exciting as the next.

Although the movie do have one thing that is a tad bit disappointing. No, not cliche, but predictability probability. Yes, this movie has that weakness. Although it is exciting to see zombies being killed and everything but almost every part where the zombies appears, are easily predictable. It is easy to predict that when the zombies are going to be attacking and what is next.... bla bla bla...  

I know. It is hard to produce a good, perfect movies nowadays with all of the maximum exposures to the big screen since there are tons of movies being produced. But I would say that this movie has done it's best and it did give a good time watching it. I would rate this movie as an 8/10.

That's what I think. Do you agree or not? Tell me if you don't agree.

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