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What I bought for Raya

Ok guys, on some previous posts, I have been talking bout my friends going shopping for Raya and stuffs, not about me, shopping for myself. Well, actually, I have been doing some side-shopping for myself too. Not actually a real shopping-shopping (if you get what I mean). While going out with some friends and accompanying  them do their shopping, I did my share of shopping too.

So, for my Raya shopping, I bought like five new shirt altogether and one new pants. I'll only show you those five shirts and not the pants.

I bought all five of them at different stores. Well, three of them is from the same store but the other two are from a different store.

I bought this one at Tesco for RM39.90. Cheap isn't it? I've been looking for this kind of shirt for quite some time and finally I found it. Why am I looking for this shirt, you ask me? Because I am recently in love with these checker-likes shirts which have bold stripes with soft colors on it. Like this one, it has pink bold stripes. So, a total bonus for me, since I'm recently in love with pink! Though the only thing that I don't like about it is because it is short-sleeved. Frankly, I love long sleeves shirts much better. But this shirt is still okay for me.

Now, this one also have recently become one of my favorites. Not only because it has the same pattern which I am like totally crazy over right now, it also green in color. And I love GREEN so much!!! It is green, long-sleeved, checkered patterns with large bold stripes, and it's not expensive. I got this for RM49.90 at PDI after a 50% discount. Now, wasn't that a total bargain! I love it so fucking much.

I got these three from a store (which I don't remember the name) in IOI Mall in Puchong when I went to break-fast with Fifie at Wendy's. I did wrote on my blog about my trip to Puchong with Fifie on my way back home for the first weekend of Puasa before, haven't I? Well, actually, before I break-fast with Fifie at Wendy's that evening, we went walking for a while at the stores nearby because it still wasn't the time to break-fast. During that walk, I stepped in this store and saw this bargain bin which offers like RM19.90 a shirt and RM50 for three. So, I picked these three and paid them at the cashier. These shirts are like 100% cotton and are like totally smooth, light and soft. Very flexible and very breezy. I love it so much. And all of it are sized M, not L or XL!!! I think the store was called Milani or whatever because all of these shirts have Milani sign all over it.

And besides these shirts, I also bought a slack pants which have like jeans-type materials in dark brown at my favorite outlet, ti:Zed. That pants costs me like only RM29.90 because it was on sale. And it fits me perfectly. The pants isn't too tight even though it is sized 34. I know, that is still quite a large number but usually, the only pants that can fit my bums are like the ones in 36 or at least 35. So, I know that my hip size is reducing. Yeahoooo.....

So, that's basically what I bought for myself in the name of this festive shopping. I know those clothes aren't exactly the ones in-trend right now or just simply out-of-date but eeh... what the heck. As long as it fits me, it's comfortable and I can still look decent and appropriately dressed, that's fine with me. Thanks for reading.


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