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Back before Raya

Wednesday, 8th August.

Wednesday were the last day before my classmates and I head back to our hometown to celebrate Eid. I was kinda having a little bit dilemma on how am I supposed to go back to Ampang that day because on that evening itself, I have to go to Midvalley Megamall for the premier screening of Resident Evil : Afterlife even which I got invited because of the contest by Nuffnang. So, after a little bit discussion here and there, it was decided that I'd hitch a ride with Acap because he agreed to accompany me for the premier screening and he doesn't mind sending me back home too. 

We decided to get a move on at 5pm and we did. Acap showed me the way to go back to KL using the highway in Rawang, which I had never used before. It was raining that afternoon, but not so heavy. Just normal drizzling. We made it to the highways and reached KL by 6pm over.

On our way, Acap told me something, about how he wished that he could lived at one of these apartments. Coincidently, me too! He told me that, that area is called Mont Kiara. Oh okay, now I know. I suck at geography in Malaysia. Anyway, he told me that it looked amazing how all of these apartments looked like those lego toys we used to play as a kid. Oh, you know, building things, making things out of those cute little cubics which comes in different shapes and sizes.

We arrived at Midvalley at about 6.30pm and got a tiny problem finding parking space. And I thought it won't be crowded because it is weekdays. But then again, some people already started their holiday and it IS Wednesday, after all. (If you guys don't know, every cinema, on Wednesday, the prices of all movies is reduced. In case you haven't still figured it out, most people only goes to the cinemas on Wednesday cause it's cheap). After some time, we found a parking spot and went inside.

I find it very weird how all of the decorations inside Mid Valley doesn't spell Eid for me. It was like all of the decors inside Mid Valley was more like a garden/forest theme instead. It felt weird for me since it is like one day left before Raya and the complex is decorated with non-Eid related decors. Ah, what the heck.

Since we got there at the time to break fast, we head to the food court to break fast. I had a problem of finding place to sit because it was damn crowded. We had to share with these teenagers whom I think looked likes stuck-ups. Well, at least one of them. There were three altogether. Two guys and a girl. The girl looked like a gedik gal, one guy looked like very kampung, and the other guy just simply spell POYO to me. Seriously, it does. It felt so awkward eating in front of them, sharing the table.

Anyway, after break fasting, we head to the GSC to try and collect the tickets for the screening but to my surprise, there were like three counters set up. One of it was by the Visa Mastercard, one by the cinema itself for the phone storing/collection, another one by I was like super worried that I got the wrong place or anything so I was like, pacing here and there trying to figure out what actually happened. I was seriously worried. I went out to take a puff to calm me down and when I got back, I saw another huge line forming up at the counter of Turns out to be that Nuffnang shared the counter with them. Phew... I was damn fucking relieved. I lined up and got the tickets. They even gave one Nuffnang badge to each collection of both tickets. I was like super excited, even if it's just a badge.

There was like this cosplay of Alice in the Resident Evil.

That chinese model was hot. Anyway, the screening starts at 9.30pm and we had like 45 minutes left. So I asked Acap to go to the arcade with me because I was itching to play the Para Para dancing machine since I got super addicted when I played at Times last Sunday. Thank goodness there wasn't so many people there and I played until I was satisfied. 

Right after that, we took a grab at McDonald's Ice-cream for a while and finally head in to the screening. Hahahaha, stupid me. I didn't actually realize that the screening that I'm going to watch was in 3D and I was like, whoaaaa!!! Because I thought it was in normal view and I would've been happy if it was just in normal view. But, 3D?!! Whoaaaa!!!!

After the movie, we left Mid Valley and Acap sent me back home in Ampang and he went back to his house in Kajang. Thanks Acap, for being my plus-one for the screening and for sending me back home.

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