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Straighten, Secret, and Snaps

Second day of Eid. Hhmm.... I actually don't have any plans for yesterday but the only thing that I'm sure of what I was supposed to do was to accompany Mel to do her hair touch-ups. You know, the newly grown hair isn't affected by the rebonding effect, it is the original look of it. And since her original hair is big wavy curls, it looked kind of ugly, for me at least. So she needed to touch it up by straightening it. And so I brought her to my favorite salon nearby our house, Charren.

After some negotiations, we agreed to do the touch ups and trim some of her dry split ends. The total of it costs RM160. Expensive isn't it? I know, it's a lot of waste but what to do, it's her money, not mine. I warned her but if she doesn't heed my advice, what to do?

So, as usual, they will start the process by blowing her hair.

See, it looked terrible didn't it. All those newly grown hair is like totally ............... hideous. Sorry, I don't know anymore words to describe what I actually thought of that hair of hers.

After some blow-drying, they applied this cream (which I don't know what it is actually) on her hair and more is applied on the parts that needed to be straightened.

After that, she have to wait like..... uhm.. 30 minutes or more? I'm assuming here because I didn't actually taking time when she was in that process. Because when I did mine before, it didn't take almost an hour to wait. Well, maybe different hair needs different times. Her hair is very thick, so it might actually took longer than that.

After waiting for the cream to totally absorbed by the hair, they took her to do the first wash, where they cleaned off all the extra creams of her hair. Next, they blow-dry the hair again to make it easier for the hair to be straightened.

After the hair is straightened, it is applied with another type of cream (I guess. I'm not really sure whether they are using the same cream of not cause it looked quite the same for me). After the cream is applied to the hair, it left to set for quite some time. Longer than the previous one. I know, because I did remember how long was it for me to wait for her in that process. I even finished reading three manga by that time.

After waiting for the cream to set, then it is time for the next wash. They cleaned of the cream and shampooed the hair.

Next step was to blow-dry the hair once more, and straighten the hair where necessary.

And voila, the finished product. She looked better, right? Well actually I wanted her to do a bob-cut but she didn't want to cut her hair off saying that she wanted to keep it long. Then I said, at least cut her fringe and change it to bangs instead but she still refuses to. So, I said, it's up to her. It's her money so I won't butt in.

After we finished our business at the salon, it was already 7pm and I thought it was like super late. I didn't realize that a total of three hours was spent there at the salon. Actually, during the time Mel was busy getting her hair done, I was texting Myra, asking her about movie screening time because it crossed my mind that I wanted to watch Cats & Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore. She said there was a screening at Leisure Mall at 6.30pm, and Jusco Cheras Selatan at 9.45pm (there were other places, I only listed the ones that are quite near for me to reach using the car). I wanted to go to Leisure Mall because it was very near but since we finished at the Salon quite late, we had to stick to the one in Jusco Cheras Selatan instead.

 I went back home to pick Zero up because he said that he'd follow us since he had nothing to do. I was glad that he wanted to come along since all three of us hadn't hang out together for quite a long time already. I missed hanging out just the three of us siblings. I really missed those moments. Well, things changed. Mel sometimes went out with her friends from school but whenever I asked her whether she wants to go out with me or not, she would always tag along. Zero, however, being the stubborn rebellious teenager he is, always spends his time outside the house and I rarely gets the chance to ask him to go out with us. He likes to spends his time more with his friends than us, I guess. But, nonetheless, I was happy that he agreed to tag along this time.

As we arrived at Jusco, there was a time-consuming traffic at the entrance. I was weird at first because I thought that it is the second day of Eid, why the heck that shopping complexes would be so fucking full with peoples, and then I remembered three things. First, just because the Malays have went back to their hometown, doesn't mean that there are no other people living in KL (Chinese, Indians, etc). Second, there are Malays that celebrates raya in KL like our family does too. And three, it is fucking Saturday. It's weekend and public holidays altogether. No wonder it was super crowded. 

So, I thought that we could not afford to waste more time being stuck in the traffic since the tickets would be selling fast. And so I demanded both my little monyetz to get out of the car and went inside to buy the tickets first while I search for parking spots. To my relief, just as I entered the parking lot, I found quite a convenient parking spot. I parked the car and rushed inside.

I met both of them in front of the cinema, still lining up. We lined up, got to the counter and bought our tickets. Too bad for us because it was front seat. Man, I'm sooooo gonna have too break my neck watching that movie. We had like, almost an hour and 15 minutes left before the movie starts, so we went to dinner first. Where? Secret Recipe.

There weren't so many people there when we went inside. We called the waiter and had our orders taken.

The foods actually took quite a long time to arrive. Really. We were like starving because the only thing we ate that day was some lemang with rendang during lunch. We really were starving like crazy. Trying not to get the hunger over us, we bought some time by taking some pictures. Enjoy.

I've just realized. Mel looked incredibly super bulat in this picture.

I like this candid picture of them.

Zero trying to blow Mel's hair away but failed.
Mel was having a hard time holding her breath because Zero's breath was stinky, she said.

Finally, after almost half an hour, the drinks arrived. I ordered a Strawberry Milkshake (which is like really tasteless. I thought Milkshake was supposed to taste milky or at least something. It just tastes like I drank foamy water. Seriously, I tasted no strawberries, or even milk. Just foamy waters). Zero ordered a Banana In a Glass which is Chocolate Banana Milkshake, really. It tasted like it supposed to be. It is good. Mel, on the other hand, ordered an Iced Lemon Tea. Well, you know how that tastes, right?

Not long after, Zero's food arrived.

Spaghetti Bolognaisse
I think you all knew what is this thing and what it should tastes like, right?

Zero was really starving that time, that he quickly dug in.

Next, was Mel's.

Beef Lasagna
I guess she has grown to like this dish a lot since the last time we went to Secret Recipe, she ordered the same thing too. I don't like it so much though.

And finally, mine arrived.

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce
This is a very delicious dish. The chicken is very tasty and the Black Pepper Sauce really defines hot & spicy foods because it tasted very hot for me. I like it so much. Though I do think that it was paired with a cup of rice, which is like....weird for me and it tasted, not so great with the chicken. 

Dine-IN, fellas.

After the dinner, we went to the Speedy shop for a while because I wanted to buy a story which I end up buying nothing at all since I getting to caught up in spending money. Gosh, I really can't keep the money in my wallet for a long time. I'm such a spend-thrift, really. Recently I found out that even less than a month, I could spend like RM2000++ with just a few outing. I really really can't keep money well.

Straight after Speedy, we went to the cinema, bought our popcorns and drinks, and went inside to catch the movie. After the movie, we went back home.

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