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a spiraling case

Tuesday, 7th September.

In the previous post, I said something about a Bazaar Ramadhan in Kuala Selangor, didn't I? Now, as far as I know and from what I kept on hearing they sell something there that is quite rare and it's kind of a new thing. Some of my housemates have tried it and they said it was super good. As a matter of fact, I took a bite of it that Monday we were having dinner together and is tasted delish! 

So, I decided to put on my detective cap and long brown trench-coat to investigate what is this thing that is driving all of the people crazy over it and why is it so delicious, or how do they even made it.

I devised my plan... ...

I requested Mien to bring me to Bazaar Ramadhan in Kuala Selangor since I haven't been there all this time during fasting month. After a little bribing and enticing, he agreed. Hahahaha, step one, accomplished.

By the time we got there, it was already 6.30pm over and there weren't so many people left and stalls open.

So, this is what the Bazaar looks like from the starting point of the long stretch of stalls. Btw, if you look at the right side of the picture, you'd see a coconut tree leaves which you use them to make ketupat wrappings. I didn't know people sells those things. Heh, humans will do whatever it takes to earn more money.

Ehem... as I venture further inside, I finally found the object of suspicion. Jeng jeng jeng!!! *drum roll *

Yup, Potato Spiral. How do they make this you ask? Wait, look at this thing-a-magic...

They make those potato spirals using this device which I don't know what is the name by first taking a long stick, thrusting it a whole potato (skin is not peeled). Next, place the stick with the potato in this device (there's a slot for the stick and the potato will be positioned right at the blade in front) and watch as you start operating the lever, The potato will be turn and turn forcing it to the blade and what comes out on the other side of the blade is spiraling potato on a stick. Next, take the spiraling potato, coat it up with a mixture of flour and kunyit (I guess... hey, what do you call kunyit in English?) and deep fry it in this thing.

Once it is fried enough, it will look a little bit like this.

And then, start coating it up with three kinds of sauces. Chilli, Mayo, and Black Pepper.

Voila!!! And there you have it, Potato Spiral, ladies and gentleman. I know, my explanation is not that quite.....clear but I, myself haven't even figure out the mechanics of how did they come up with this idea and since when did the potato-spiraling-cutting machine was created. But for all I know, I have satisfied my curiosity and I even bought two sticks for me. And oh boy, it was super delish!!!

Through observation of how this delicious delicacy is made and some testing (eating, LOL), I can finally conclude that all my suspicion is being cleared off and this object of suspicion is no longer a subject of a dangerous situation, but a rather delicious food!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Case closed!!!!

p/s: I really didn't wear a detective cap and a long brown trench-coat. That would've been super tacky and I can't afford to be seen in public waring something tacky.... I just wear casual clothes. And I didn't bribe Mien or even entice him.... well... not really entice but just begged him to take me there. ROFL.

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