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Shopping and More Shopping

2nd September, Thursday Evening.

So, yeah, it's friggin almost Raya Aidilfitri and we have like, one week left before Raya. Usually, at this crucial time, most people would be out with their family or peeps, doing some major heavy shopping for Raya. Most common place would be like, uuurm.......

Jalan TAR. This place a has major issue of over-crowding people practically, shoving and pushing people to the sides while walking in that small alley. I hate it when that happens. Lucky for me, I no longer do my shopping there. Most people likes to shop there because it's cheap or just simply because many people recommended it but personally, I hate it there. I remember going there with Mamu last time and I still get the same feeling of being pushed and shoved all the time. Man, that really sucks. There's just like so many people there. That place will always be crowded no matter when you go there. Well, it'll get super-crowded when it's the festive season or a mega sale is happening. Because, like, when there's a mega sale happening at most shopping complex, the prices at this place will drop like really low, just to get many people to come and shop at their stall. Ngeeeh... I still shop at places which are not crowded. I don't have any issue about crowded places or places that are like totally crowded... Wait, that's the same thing. Anyway, I don't hate crowded places really, it's just that the atmosphere in that area just sickens me. Totally.

KLCC. Well, I'm not saying like many people come to shop there, but because it's super pricey and the fact that even with discounts, everything is still like totally expensive. I can never ever afford to shop at places like that at my own free will cause every year, I will get only like RM150 to shop for new outfits. And if I'm lucky, I'll get extra from my nice auncle from bangi. Recently, I just knew from my mom that every year, he would be so nice to give me and my siblings RM150 or RM200 each for us to do our Raya shopping. Isn't he nice. Thanks, pakngah, moga-moga Allah S.W.T. senantiasa murahkan rezeki pakngah. Amiiiinnnn....

Other shopping complexes. There are like tons of shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur which you can do some shopping. We have Mid Valley Megamall, which is not a bad place actually. You'd have a lot of choices there. We have Times Squares and Sungei Wang. Those two places are so far the most favorite places for me to shop because they have like the most coolest and funkiest outfit but at a very low cost. Well, there is bad thing about it is that those clothes might not be authentic and there are also quite a huge crowd over there, doing their own shopping. We have Sogo. Now that place has been my shopping place for like centuries. My dad used to bring our family there a lot of times when it comes to shopping. Simply because that place do a lot of mega sale. Whether is Raya sale, New Year sale, Year End sale, or even mid-year sale. They have branded and gorgeous looking outfits but a cheaper price because of the discounts. Where else... oh yes. We have the Pavillion too. Though I might not be able or afford to shop there for now, I'll be able to soon, when I'm working. Well, we do have a lot of shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur, but I'm not gonna list all of them here. That'll just simply tires me out.

Back to our topic. Since it was the last week of Ramadhan and we haven't had enough time to do our Raya shopping because of our piling assignments and everything, we just decided to hit Tesco for some shopping instead. Not me, but Fifie and Yona. Well, they were looking for Kebayas actually. One thing about women's clothing. When it comes to clothes like shirts or cardigans or dresses or tops, women have the upper advantage that it is quite cheap. When it comes to Baju Kurung or Baju Kebaya or even Abayas, theirs are like much more expensive than guys' Baju Melayu.

So, after Mamu's class earlier that evening, we decided to break-fast at the Pasir Penambang seafood restaurant, all five of us; Yona, GG, Fifie, Faiz and I. But, GG couldn't make it because he had to study for his tests tomorrow. Yes, guys, TESTS. He had two. That sucks. So, it was just us four. Since GG couldn't make it, we decided to just break-fast at the Tesco food court instead. The whole purpose of going to that seafood restaurant is so that Yona could bring GG there. Since he's not available, we'll just be eating at Tesco instead.

Yona, powdering up in the car on our way to Tesco.
Kesengalan... Hahaha!

Arriving at Tesco, it was already break-fasting time and so we head to the food court straight ahead. They ordered some food from the Thai shop there while I went inside to KFC. I bought two large Cheesy Wedges and two sets of those Hot & Spicy Shrimp. I'm telling you, I'm so dead fix addicted to that food right now. I swear I could just eat that thing every single day I can forget all about my diet. It's not too fattening and it's just shrimp.

After break-fasting, the shopping began. We head to the shoe store first.

While Fifie was busy finding shoes to her liking, we were busy taking pictures.

Once Fifie can't decide on anything, we head to this clothing store that sells lots of baju kurung and kebaya.

And I thought it was jackpot for them but it wasn't. They weren't quite satisfied in what they found at the store and we went outside to this lots of tents that sells other Raya festivity items. Things likes Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, Baju Melayu, Songkok (come to think of it, I had not worn songkok for quite a while. I have been wearing kopiah since...until now.), decor.. and more clothing. Still, they found nothing that attracts them. We went to these newly opened shops nearby that sells clothing too. And still nothing. We finally decided to head back in Tesco and search more. There, the party splits. Faiz went with Fifie to another store that sells shoes, Yona went to the previous store that sells baju kurung and kebayas, while I got distracted at the playstation shop which was playing Ninety-Nine Nights on demo. God, was the demo awesome and I kept uttering to myself, 'you don't have a PS3. So stop dreaming....!'.

"Mommy...........I want a PS3"

When I finally got my senses back, I went to Yona as she asked me to help her pick for a kebaya top.

Man, isn't she super slimmy... and it didn't even look like that kebaya is too tight on her.

See... not too tight, isn't it.

To help her choose which kebaya is better, she called Fifie to come over and helped her choose after a 2nd (mine) and 3rd (Faiz's) opinion. And Fifie picked the one that all three of us liked best. 

And then, it was Fifie's turn to try on kebaya to be bought.
While she was busy doing that, more cam-whoring session went on.

Sewel kan, ini perempuan? Hahahahaha, love you, bitch, cause you're sewel!

Finally, Yona found one to her liking and so did Fifie. After that, we went back home. Faiz and I stayed over at Yona's for a while until Faiz was totally exhausted and sleepy. So, we head back home. Arriving at home, Faiz quickly changed clothes, jumped on his bed, and went to sleep while I didn't. I stood up half of the night Youtube-ing this Korean Guy channel, Shimmycocopuffs's channel. He's funny, really. It was then at 5 I finally decided to write this blog. Once I'm done, I'm gonna sleep. It is like 6.30am right now when I'm typing THIS. And by the time you guys are reading this, I'm snoring loudly on my bed, legs wide open, sleeping like a mess.

Happy Raya Shopping!

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