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A Road Trip Dream

I know everyone have their own dreams right? I have mine too, lots of it actually. But today, I'm gonna talk about one of my dreams which is particularly seemed almost impossible to be true.

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ROAD TRIPS. Yes, I have been dreaming of going on a road trip since I was a teenager. Well, technically I'm still a teenager, a young adult to be precise. 20 year old is not that old right? *awkward silence*

So, I've been like dreaming of going on an endless or more exactly an adventurous road trip where we have no specific location or places to go. My ideal road trip would be like, going on a trip with some friends to an unknown location or just simply sight-seeing. Riding in a car to nowhere, no exact location, random places. We would be driving for miles, looking at the sceneries, stopping by at any cool-looking places, taking pictures, having fun, etc.

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This kind of road trip would be so much fun if we're doing it in a large party of with some friends. Friends that are crazy, fun-loving, adventurous person. It won't be totally boring if we went friends. We'll be like, blasting the radio loud, enjoying music, munching on snacks, laughing, singing songs, playing games and yada yada yada things that we could do while car is still on the road. 

If someone got tired of driving, we could like switch drivers, so that the car will still keep on going until we found a place to rest. Ideal place would be like the beach.

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Yes, the beach would be a perfect location for some rest and relaxation. Not to mention, a fun place to play too. Just imagine, after long hours of driving on the road, pulls nearby a beach, unloads all our snacks and play things. We could do lots of fun things at the beach. We could go for a swim, play volleyball, tag, build sand-castles (okay, I know that's for kids. But it wouldn't hurt just to have fun, wouldn't it?), bury somebody's body in the sand, play lots of games, sun-bathe, etc.

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Or, we could go camping. Personally, and frankly, I've never been camping before. I mean like actual camping in the forest. I've went camping at the Port Dickson beach once before, but it didn't felt like actual camping because I was having a major fever that time so all I did was sleep in the tent while everybody was outside the tent having a great time barbecue-ing foods and have fun. So, yeah, an actual camping in the forest would be like a great experience to me. I like trying out things, even though some of my friends say that camping is very challenging and if I'm not fit enough, I won't be able to do lots of things and end up being a burden and only came out of the tent when it's time to eat. Hey, I can still do lots of other things okay. 

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So, I really hope that one day I could go on a road trip to somewhere. I don't care, anywhere would do. And since I haven't been to lots of the states in my own country, I wouldn't mind going on a road trip even in my own country. I haven't been to Johor, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu, Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak, and both Sabah Sarawak on my own actual trip. Do you get what I meant? I meant like going there, on my own accord or only with friends, not a family outing. Because the feelings you get when you go with either party is very and way different. Going with family is very reassuring that you could spend on many things since the money isn't coming out of my own pocket but the feeling of adventuring or being random can't be achieved with family. When you go with your friends, it's a whole different things. It's like there's no boundaries or no limitations. Anything can happen. You wouldn't be too tied up to one place or too strict on schedule because you're going out with your friends. Nobody wants to be bossy if we're going out with our own friends.

So yeah, I would really love to go to those states that I had never been to with my friends on a road trip and explore all the things that can be done. And I know, by the time I'll be able to do so, my blog will be full of pictures! Guys, wish me luck!

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