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Mr. Annoying.

Okay, I know this is not me, and what I used to write but I just gotta let it out. Have you ever wonder why there is a person so blind that he can't see everyone is super sick of him? He acts all bossy and cocky just because he thinks he's a Mr-Know-It-All.

He likes to show people that he is clever.
- yeah to hell with that. Hello, you aren't the only one who is fucking clever okay? Everyone is. Except that we don't flaunt it and tell it to the whole wide world. Are you that desperate for attention?

He likes to show people that he is very good with the community.
- fuck yeah. Just because you can mingle with others proves that you are good with the community and you connect well with them. It just shows that you are seriously looking for people to see you. And it doesn't mean that people who doesn't mingle around it an anti-community person. They are just not that cheap as you are.

He likes to act like he's a hero or a fucking savior.
- I don't mean to be rude or narrow-minded but most people already thinks that chivalry is SO dead right now. Showing to the people that you can take hits or be a shield doesn't prove that you are noble or whatsoever. That just shows you want their approval.

He likes to think he's 'handsome'.
- Now this is a serious fucked-up shit. Who the fuck hell is so narcissistic? Hello, have you even looked at yourself in the mirror? You are like one fucking hell living skeleton! Besides, you're so dark, I can't even see you in the night. I might have mistaken you for a pole or something.

He likes to put on a 'ladies man' rep.
- *slaps on the forehead* Just because ladies respond to you, doesn't mean you are a ladies. They respond to you because you are their classmates. It would be rude to ignore a pathetic person like you, that's why they spoke to you. Have you ever asked from another perspective about how they think about you???? Get a grip.

He likes to show he is super-intelligent, in a fucking rude way.
- This is most problematic thing I had to say about him. Just because you know the answers or disagree, that doesn't gives you any right to reply in a rude or ignorant kind of way to your elders. Yes, they are not that old, but they are your lecturers, one who imparts knowledge to you, dumb ass! How would it feel someday if you children reply to you in that manner????

I am seriously gonna stop now before I start bitching about other people as well. Thanks for reading what I wanted to say out loud which I can't and ended up posting it in my blog instead.

p/s: The name of the person starts with the letter G, as if in gross.


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