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Midnight Supper + Early Sahur = No sleep

OH, shit. I've been duped. And I thought we were going to KFC. It was 31st August, Tuesday. Well, 1st September to be exact. It was already 12 past midnight. And there I thought, they were asking to me if I want to follow them to go KFC in Rawang. My thoughts:

- Is the KFC outlet even open at midnight. I thought KFC isn't open 24 hours a day like McDonald.
- What am I supposed be doing there? You guys are on a double date, and I'm alone. 

And my thoughts exactly. I was so stupid to even think that KFC does open 24 hours a day, which like totally not. We went to McDonald instead. God, I can't even look at McDonald after a recent frequent visits to McDonald for the GCBs..... I'm tired of it already. I want KFC Hot & Spicy Shrimp. Those are like the only thing that I'm craving right now.

So, McDonald it is..... I'm so friggin tired of GCBs that I can't even look it at it anymore. Hahaha. So, I ordered a Double Cheeseburger instead.

We took the table outside and it was friggin cold! Like seriously freezing man. 

And I just can't stand looking at these new couples. So lovey-dovey. Ahakz!!!

Aaaaawww... Isn't that sweet!

Thank you, bitch, for being so sewel with me that night. I had so much fun that night laughing with you.

After that midnight supper and early sahur, we head back home. I didn't sleep because I had to finish an assignment and stayed up until morning class. And even after the morning class, I had no opportunity to sleep for a while. I went to the evening class with Ms. Pang and boy, I was totally exhausted and drained to the max at that time. I fell asleep quite a lot of time in the class but I kept on staying awake because I couldn't afford to sleep in her class. Not because I want to pay attention but because my snoring is really loud and I wouldn't want to 'kantoi' myself for sleeping with the loud snoring.

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