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Last Time to Break Fast Together

Monday, 6th September.

I never thought that Monday would be our last day of break fasting together. Yes, it was. Last Monday was actually the last time I will be experiencing break fasting together with my beloved friends from Unisel. Because by next year, all of us will finish our practicum in the mid-year and after that, everybody have finished doing their course. I might have to extend a semester because I have a subject that I got an F. Stupid fucker............well, that's another story.

So, Yona, Mien, Fifie, Faiz, Faizal, Zul, Ieza, Eyza, Azza, Adi and I got together at this restaurant called Pelangi near Taman Kilauan for our break-fasting. It has been such a long time since all of the Pendulums actually got together in one place and did a thing together. Really, it was. 

We actually arrived quite early and ordered our foods. Mien and Faizal even did called the restaurant for early reservations. Actually, we drove there in different cars. Mien, Faizal and I were the first to arrive. Then Adi arrived. Next was Yona, Azza, Fifie, Faiz and Eyza. And finally, Zul and Ieza were the last to arrive because they went to Bazaar Ramadhan in Kuala Selangor. 

Not many moments later, the foods arrived.

Yona's Nasi Putih, Telur Bungkus, and Ayam Percik


Faizal's Nasi Goreng Daging Merah

Mien's Nasi Puth and Sup Campur

Oh yeah, Faizal ordered a French Fries too.

And this is everything what I ordered. Nasi Goreng Rendang Thai, Daging Masak Lada Hitam, Udang Goreng Tepung, and two glass of my favorite drink : Air Kosong. Hahahaha!!!

Everyone was drooling over all those foods and can't resist the temptation that all of the delicious smell sneaking into their noses. Too bad for us because the foods came quite early and it is still like 20 minutes before it's time to break fast.

Thank goodness Eyza was there. You know why? She provided us with entertainment to kill the time. What entertainment you ask? Watch this and you'll understand.

See, by the time this video ends, it was already time to break-fast. Thanks to Eyza to help us kill some time and not letting all of us drooling over all of those foods. And after that, it was the usual TALWE for us. So, that's about it. After the dinner, we went back home.

p/s: That Thai Rendang Fried Rice is super delicious!!!! The Black Peppered Beef however sucks so bad that I couldn't even finish half of it.

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  1. Nicee, next raya :). Selamat hari raya babe. Happy Holidays.


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