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Kancing, It's Raining

21st September, Tuesday.

That morning, we had class with Tuan Haji Adnan. And later that afternoon we had no class. So, I was wondering on what to do on the afternoon since we had so much spare time. Then it struck me. What if we went to Sungai Kancing for a swim. Haven't been there for like a long time and I suddenly had an itching to go for a swim. So, I decided that we should all go to Sungai Kancing for a swim. 

And as you all may know, unplanned trip can be quite a mess because we had not planned it earlier and it would set us back some time to prepare and everything but I like it unplanned better because planned things sometimes can turn out to be not happening at all. So, after class that morning, I started asking the usual person but it turns out to be a total blow-off. Most of them didn't want to come, the only who's excited to come was only Faizal, Fifie and Faiz. And I said, this won't do. Just four of us? I mean, just the four of us is enough, I know. But I like it much better if many came along. The more the merrier, right?

So, after some calling here and there, inviting this person and that person, we finally managed to pull off some of the unpredictable followers. We had Zi Ling and her boyfriend Lim to come, Adi (well because he hangs out with us quite a lot nowadays), Sharon (although she was hesitated at first), Ezyan and Ani (who didn't want to come at first but after being begged and forced by Sharon, they've agreed). We move out in three cars. 

It was heavy raining on our way there and there I thought it was all a waste but when we almost made it to Rawang, the rain had stopped. In my heart I was shouting, Wooohohoooo!!! Before going to Kancing, we went for a drive-through at McDonalds to buy food since some of then haven't had lunch yet. After our little pit-stop, we continued to our destination.

Well, thank goodness the rain had stopped. We got there, safe. We started to unload our things from the car and head out.

Most of them were like very tired climbing up the stairs. Well, who wouldn't?! It was tiring and quite exhausting but thank goodness we finally made it up. 

The sad part is that the only who brought clothes to swim was only Fifie, Faizal, Faiz, and I. Adi didn't bring any clothes but he did swam too. Only that he had to wear the same shirt that is wet on our way back home. Well, at least we all had fun in our own way. Zi Ling and her boyfriend spend times together, Sharon plays her guitar, Ezyan and Ani was listening to Korean songs, and Amy was doing assignment. Amy said that it was relaxing to the assignment outdoor. A fresh change of atmosphere and it feels nice to be back in the nature. I applaud her for her great enthusiasm and optimism. She's very different from any girls I've met.

Too bad for us that swim because the rain was playing tricks with us. A minute it was drizzly and then it was none. Then it start pouring like cats and dogs and then it was none again. We took a swim. Then it started to drizzle again but Adi and I kept on swimming until they called us up saying that it's already 5pm.

We pack our things and head down. When we arrived down, we took group pictures for memories.

Aiyoh... this Ezyan aarr... When we wanted to take good pictures together, she always hides and moving a lot making her image blurry but when it came time for candid like these down here,

she shines like a sparkling star in the middle of the gloomy night. Get what I mean?

Anyway, after that, we wanted to head back and then everyone said let's go to the McDonalds again and eat together. And so we did. We like going crazy about this Ice-cream Sundae's that almost everyone bought one. I don't know why but we had fun eating it together and all.

After that tea time, we started heading back home. It was so much fun. Now that kind of trip is really my kind of trip. You know why? Because I like going out when we have nothing actually planned. Like that, we don't know what is in store for us and there will always be room for improvement. Besides, I never actually thought that the others that joined us that day like Sharon, Lim, Zi Ling, Ezyan, Ani and Adi knows how to have fun and enjoy the company of each other. It is sooooooooo much fun!! 

You guys, let's do this again okay?!

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