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Is It Fashion?

What is it about fashion industry that drives women and men alike on a frenzy rage? One thing for sure, it is the IN-trend system. In the fashion industry, no color or style ever stays the same. It is like the weather or the temperature. It never ever stays the same. One second it's hot, and the next it's cold. One minute it's sunny and the next it is thunderstorms to oblivion. 

So you see, fashion is like a disease. It struck the world on an endless stroll. Both women and men alike succumb to its domestic influence and turn them into mindless zombies that could only think of  a way to follow the fast-pace rush of trend express. I still remember when I was in my 16s and 17s when Emo trend was so overwhelming. 

Black and white clothes, stripes, Gothic outfits, mascaras and eyeliners are a huge thing to make somebody look as dark as they could. Even some of those trend-fanatics think that My Chemical Romance was the most influential Emo look that they would dress like them. I am not saying they looked ridiculous (though most of them are) but they are totally mis-reading the Emo looks. Yes, fashion says it's in, so it is the IN-thing. But Emo look portrays an emotional, dark, and pessimistic image which words like 'sad', 'death', 'misery', 'suicides', and 'hating everything' completely packed along with it. My problem is that these stupid goons that follow the Emo look at that time was completely oblivious in joy. Which is the total opposite of what an Emo look portrays. This is bad because a real Emo person would feel offended and at lost of personality or identity because of these fake Emo-trend-freaks.

Then comes the skinny pants which I think is totally hideous. Don't get me wrong, women looked great in skinny pants but guys are like............totally eww. I am so not gonna debate on this. I just think it is ridiculous.

So, I don't get it. Why do these crazy fashion zombies would do anything to follow what is IN and what is NOT. Why would they spend so much money re-stocking their wardrobe again and again on the latest trend or the newest IN-thing. Why would they suffer to keep track of these meticulous details on how they look like in the fashion perspective? It is to seek approval, or they wanted to look amazing. Because there's this perception about people that when they are following the current trend, they will always look amazing or great. Is that why?

And the fact that it is ever-changing is what bothers me the most. One minute it is cardigans, another its beaded, and the next is puffy. It's constantly changing and women most likely would spend money like water just to acquire these new and latest IN-trend items. Hmm, I wonder if there's really a real person like Wilhelmina Slater that decides what is IN and what isn't.

Okay, enough rambling for now. Thanks for reading you guys. -photos taken from Photobucket


  1. men also love fashion btw....I am thankful for being fashion addicted...hahaha (I wish)

  2. as much as I would like to admit it. I am somehow addicted to fashion and doomed to follow it. But not that obvious. I would never anything that represents me. It would be like, not being me.


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