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DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Now, in line with this new iPhone 4 coming out, DiGi has come out new plans for customers that are using the iPhone 4. Great, great, great offers on the plans. I mean like really.

What I love about these new plans is that it's cheap, it has great speed for internet and totally affordable. You can choose between three plans iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138, and iDiGi 238. Instead of the actual high prices, they have opted to cut down on the prices and make it lesser for affordable prices. The great thing is, you can start out by the first plan and then later upgrade it if you want more access. Of course, since the next plan is always better than the first ones.

I love it so much more since it provides us with now just a few but quite a number of free usage. Voice calls, SMS, MMS and even Internet usage. Now that is a real bargain since cellphone users nowadays just love to surf internet on the go. Be it in the mall, the cafe, anywhere that they have ample time to surf the internet, they'd be doing so. More or so because nowadays people who can't afford time to sit around in front of their PC or Laptops to surf, they can just do so with their phone. And that is why these new iDiGi plans are so useful to cater people's needs.

Not only, they even have the lowest rate for voice calls, SMS, and MMS. Teenagers nowadays also love to talk, text and even share pictures all the time. So, these new lower rate that iDiGi offers are like so beneficial for those people. Furthermore, it provides us with a total of six friends and family numbers that saves a lot of money even more. The best part of it, it offers us with six, I mean SIX supplementary numbers which is like three times more than any other mobile phone line services. And any calls, SMS sent to those number are totally free of charge! Isn't that a total bargain?!!!

That is why I just simply love this new iDiGi plans. It suits the needs of modern people who are so busy, phone tied to their hands every minute of every day. With the combination of Apple iPhone 4 which have so many applications that can help ease our life, what more can a person ask?!

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