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DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Because I definitely need a new phone. I have been clinging to this old Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone W595 Pink (Valentine's Day edition) for too long. I admit, the camera quality is okay but not as good as a Cybershot phone. I need a new phone so bad and I've been dying to get a hold of any of the Apple items. Since I was a kid  I've been dreaming of having an Apple PC because of it's artistic design but it is too expensive.

Oh, please please please please let me have the phone! I am dying to have a new modern phone that could do more than just, calls, text-messaging, take pictures, and listen to music. I want more. I am terribly sorry but I am a little bit greedy. But at least that is so much better than having two or three cellphones that serves different purposes. It is better to have one cellphone that have lots of function.

This is why I plead to you, let me have that phone. I need a phone that can complement my lifestyle which is always so busy with so many things to do!!! And I would sacrifice my maxis number just so that I could change to DiGi and have that iPhone!!!! 

Help me!!! Let me have the Apple iPhone 4!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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