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Devastation and Supper

Earlier tonight, on the first day of Eid, I went out with my lil monyetz. Well, just Farrah, not Zufar. By the way, I heard that nowadays people calls her 'Mel' in school. Now isn't that is glamorous. Even more glamorous than I am... Ahahahahahaha!!!

Anyway, so I asked her out because I missed going out at nights in Kuala Lumpur. Well, not exactly KL but around Ampang. And so I thought I wanted to take a stroll outside driving. Suddenly I have a knack for Dunkin Donut's sandwich and it's latte. So I thought, why not I go to the Tesco. I could buy those things there and Mel couldn't agree more because she wanted to buy a nail buffer there. 

To my surprise, the Dunkin Donuts stall was closed. I was devastated. Seriously, I was. I was like really hoping that I could grab a bite at those delicious mayo chicken sandwich and that latte. But, trying not too get disappointed, we went inside the market because Mel said she wanted to buy the buffer inside.

As she was busy finding the nail buffer, I went to the clothing section. Wow, Tesco had a new arrangement. Which got me quite confused for a while because to me it looks like really unorganized. As I was shuffling through the clothes, my eyes picked up this lavish chic grey cardigan hidden in one of the many new clothes. I fell in love with it. It was soft, it was comfortable and really really stylish. I was really in high hopes to buy it and then I saw the price tag. *glass breaking sound* 

"Bye-bye cardi, I'll see you next time." 

It was damn expensive. Actually, I could buy it if I want cause I have like RM200++ in my wallet but I'm not going to be stupid and spend it all on that awesome cardigan. Then if I did, I wouldn't have enough money to spend for the next week. I don't want to be stuck at home doing nothing. So, I left the cardigan back at it's rack and meet up with Mel.

After we're done with that, I was kind of clueless of where to go. I wanted to go to the cinemas to watch Cats & Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore but I don't know which cinema to go. I called the GSC and found out that Leisure Mall wasn't screening that movie. I asked my friend to check the internet for what movies is screening at MBO for me and he said that Cats & Dogs movie was last screened at 9pm over and at that time it was like 10pm. It was too late.

I was completely devastated. But then Mel told me that she wanted to go to Old Town because she was craving for that Breakfast Platter she had when I first brought her to Old Town. I said, yes.

Wow, I didn't know that Old town had done a little upgrades or whatever because the menu sheets is now a book. And the order chit looked way different.

See, now they have pictures for each dishes so it's easier for people to know what are they eating and what does it looked like. Personally, I think this is a great makeover for Old Town. And they even have added some new dishes.

It actually took me some time on what to order because I didn't want to eat the Asam Laksa and French Toast that I've always ordered. The new Dry Chicken Hor Fun did almost made it to the order chit but I switched it to something else just because I wanted to try something new.

Not many moments later, our drinks and foods arrived. It didn't take quite a long time waiting too. Even though there's quite a lot of customers when I got there, the foods didn't took quite long too arrive. They even have some new employees. Oh yeah, in case you're wondering. I went to the Old Town which is nearby Mira's house. Mira and I go there quite a lot and so I recognizes all of the employee's faces. Too bad Mira couldn't join me that night. I tried calling her, she didn't pick up. Tried texting her, she didn't reply. So I said, nevermind.

Root Beer Float and Strawberry Float.
That strawberry float is mine, not Mel. Funny right? It should have been the opposite.

Breakfast Platter

As you can see, you'll get two toasts, two slices of chicken meatloaf, two sausages, a fried egg, some fries, and some red beans. It is delicious but for me, I rather eat that in the morning. Not in the evening.

Spicy Fish Fillet with Flavored Rice
You'll get a flavored rice, and a fried fish fillet topped with slices of onions and cucumber with spicy sauce. Frankly, it isn't spicy at all. It's sweet. I mean really, it's the total opposite. Instead of being spicy, it is sweet. The fillet is nice though. It is tender and juicy with some crisps on the outside. 

After that little supper, we went straight home since we can no longer think of where to go. Besides, I wanted to finish my Ugly Betty Season 4 Marathon. 

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