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Business of Raya (part 1)

One week holiday was clearly not enough for me to celebrate Raya. Every single day was filled with so much activity and outings. And since I'm a week late to update my blog. I'll skip all the details of every single day and tell just a lil bit of what I did.

Continuation of after the second day of Raya, on the third, my family were invited to go to my cousin's open house in Rawang. My mom couldn't follow me cause she had to attend to all the guests that came to our house so I just bring along my little monyetz. It was such a long journey actually. I never thought of going to Rawang would be this tiring and long since it was freaking hot that day and I couldn't drive fast to speed up the time. We arrived there in the afternoon and sat at my cousin's house for two hours and half and then at 6pm, I decided to head home because there was simply nothing else to do and I'm tired. Thank goodness there was no traffic and we made it home before Maghrib. I was super tired when I got back.

That night also, I went out with Myra because I wanted to hang out with her. We went to Galaxy Ampang and watch Piranha together. Gosh, that movie is super gory and creepy. Too much horrifying death scenes with the Piranha and not just that, those Piranha was just the infants, not the adults. Freaking creepy!

After the movie, we went to Tanjung cause I wanted shisha and invited Pojie over. He came with his girlfriend. We hang out there for like two hours over until it started raining. Then we went back home.

Fourth day of Raya. Hmmmm............ my uncle decided to invite my grandma over to his house in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, so I drove them over there and head out since I don't want to stay at his. Thank goodness Myra called me to hang out with her and Atiem. It has been a long time since I met Atiem. We decided to hit the newly opened shopping complex near Ampang : Axis Atrium.

There weren't so much shops open inside though since it is new. We hang out at Old Town.

Fifth day of Raya. Nothing much happened in the morning but in the evening, Faiz invited me over to Kajang asked me to accompany him to go Raya at his friend's house. 

After we went to his friend's house we decided to hang out at the usual maple that Faiz and Acap always go. Too bad for me because while we were hanging out, Faiz's mom called him to come back home and he couldn't send me back to Ampang. But thank goodness since Myra was kind enough to come and pick me up  in Kajang. Before heading back home, we decided to hang out at McDonald Pandan Mewah. Because I wanted to taste the new Cheese McShaker and it is awesome!

Sixth Day of Raya. That day, I went out with my family the whole day. We went over to Bangi, then Putrajaya and then to Kampung Limau Manis in Putrajaya. I wasn't tired of driving that day because I got the chance to drive my auntie's Avanza. My first time driving a bigger vehicle.

I shall continue on the next post. I'm damn frustrated right now, so I want to go sleep now. Super damn emo.


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