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Are You Moist Enough?

So, am I? Come to think of it, my skin isn't really that moist or smooth. For a fact, I'm a guy and most guys (I said most, okay?) don't think much about taking care of their skin. Let alone their face. Some guys have problem in maintaining hygienes and some are very extreme in taking care of it. I'm just someone who is kind of in the middle. I wash my face with cleanser every single day, moisturizes it and give it a pat of toner each time before I went out so that my pores won't caught any bacterias or any microorganisms that can lead to more zits, black spots, or pimples. Sadly, I've forgotten all about my body.

I'm too wrapped up in taking care of my face that I've forgotten to take good care about my body. I'm used to be quite fair and bright but since I started to further my study in UNiSEL, I was being totally exposed by maximum exposure to the sun. Thus, my skin became dry and dark. I hate it, really. Now, my body have different skin tones all over. My arms are dark, my face is dark, but my body isn't (only because I had my shirts on, all the time). Being exposed to the sun lots of time had my skin loose its' moisture and became dry.

(I'm so not comfortable taking this picture however....sorry if it's too much)

And as the society grows, many scientists had done lots of research to help men and woman alike keeps their body moisture in a healthy condition. That's why Vaseline is created. And recently, the Vaseline company had come up with four new body lotion that will help to cater the needs of different body condition. 

Total Moisture, Healthy White, Aloe Cool & Fresh, and Intensive Rescue

Here, I'd like to be frank. I've never used any of the Vaseline product before but I've read a lot of good reviews on their product and some of my aunties also told me it's very good for our skin. They applied it on their skin after labor and their skin is like, no longer dry and look better. Seeing as the recommendations of the Vaseline product is quite good, I might try to use it to get my skin moist and bright again. 

I don't know what hit me, but I suddenly got an idea of a poem.

We got lots of people
around the globe
some are bright, some are dark

We got girls and women
both alike
they look so fine with their silky smooth skins

Touch their skins
with your hands
and felt the smoothness slid you in

Soft like babies
smooth like silk
their skin is the greatest substance of all

So, Vaseline has created some new products
that helps you get
that oh-so-smooth skins
the question is,
Are you moist enough?

Thanks Nuffnang, for giving me this opportunity!!!

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  1. This is a really nice post! All the best for the competition and do check out my entry as well? :D

    Miss Ave T


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