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Is It Fashion?

What is it about fashion industry that drives women and men alike on a frenzy rage? One thing for sure, it is the IN-trend system. In the fashion industry, no color or style ever stays the same. It is like the weather or the temperature. It never ever stays the same. One second it's hot, and the next it's cold. One minute it's sunny and the next it is thunderstorms to oblivion. 

So you see, fashion is like a disease. It struck the world on an endless stroll. Both women and men alike succumb to its domestic influence and turn them into mindless zombies that could only think of  a way to follow the fast-pace rush of trend express. I still remember when I was in my 16s and 17s when Emo trend was so overwhelming. 

Black and white clothes, stripes, Gothic outfits, mascaras and eyeliners are a huge thing to make somebody look as dark as they could. Even some of those trend-fanatics think that My Chemical Romance was the most influential Emo look that they would dress like them. I am not saying they looked ridiculous (though most of them are) but they are totally mis-reading the Emo looks. Yes, fashion says it's in, so it is the IN-thing. But Emo look portrays an emotional, dark, and pessimistic image which words like 'sad', 'death', 'misery', 'suicides', and 'hating everything' completely packed along with it. My problem is that these stupid goons that follow the Emo look at that time was completely oblivious in joy. Which is the total opposite of what an Emo look portrays. This is bad because a real Emo person would feel offended and at lost of personality or identity because of these fake Emo-trend-freaks.

Then comes the skinny pants which I think is totally hideous. Don't get me wrong, women looked great in skinny pants but guys are like............totally eww. I am so not gonna debate on this. I just think it is ridiculous.

So, I don't get it. Why do these crazy fashion zombies would do anything to follow what is IN and what is NOT. Why would they spend so much money re-stocking their wardrobe again and again on the latest trend or the newest IN-thing. Why would they suffer to keep track of these meticulous details on how they look like in the fashion perspective? It is to seek approval, or they wanted to look amazing. Because there's this perception about people that when they are following the current trend, they will always look amazing or great. Is that why?

And the fact that it is ever-changing is what bothers me the most. One minute it is cardigans, another its beaded, and the next is puffy. It's constantly changing and women most likely would spend money like water just to acquire these new and latest IN-trend items. Hmm, I wonder if there's really a real person like Wilhelmina Slater that decides what is IN and what isn't.

Okay, enough rambling for now. Thanks for reading you guys. -photos taken from Photobucket

Mr. Annoying.

Okay, I know this is not me, and what I used to write but I just gotta let it out. Have you ever wonder why there is a person so blind that he can't see everyone is super sick of him? He acts all bossy and cocky just because he thinks he's a Mr-Know-It-All.

He likes to show people that he is clever.
- yeah to hell with that. Hello, you aren't the only one who is fucking clever okay? Everyone is. Except that we don't flaunt it and tell it to the whole wide world. Are you that desperate for attention?

He likes to show people that he is very good with the community.
- fuck yeah. Just because you can mingle with others proves that you are good with the community and you connect well with them. It just shows that you are seriously looking for people to see you. And it doesn't mean that people who doesn't mingle around it an anti-community person. They are just not that cheap as you are.

He likes to act like he's a hero or a fucking savior.
- I don't mean to be rude or narrow-minded but most people already thinks that chivalry is SO dead right now. Showing to the people that you can take hits or be a shield doesn't prove that you are noble or whatsoever. That just shows you want their approval.

He likes to think he's 'handsome'.
- Now this is a serious fucked-up shit. Who the fuck hell is so narcissistic? Hello, have you even looked at yourself in the mirror? You are like one fucking hell living skeleton! Besides, you're so dark, I can't even see you in the night. I might have mistaken you for a pole or something.

He likes to put on a 'ladies man' rep.
- *slaps on the forehead* Just because ladies respond to you, doesn't mean you are a ladies. They respond to you because you are their classmates. It would be rude to ignore a pathetic person like you, that's why they spoke to you. Have you ever asked from another perspective about how they think about you???? Get a grip.

He likes to show he is super-intelligent, in a fucking rude way.
- This is most problematic thing I had to say about him. Just because you know the answers or disagree, that doesn't gives you any right to reply in a rude or ignorant kind of way to your elders. Yes, they are not that old, but they are your lecturers, one who imparts knowledge to you, dumb ass! How would it feel someday if you children reply to you in that manner????

I am seriously gonna stop now before I start bitching about other people as well. Thanks for reading what I wanted to say out loud which I can't and ended up posting it in my blog instead.

p/s: The name of the person starts with the letter G, as if in gross.

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

With the latest in trends of cellphones and multiple choices of network services around, it's normal we'll end up in a dilemma on what phone to use or which network to choose. But with the latest Apple iPhone 4 launched and the new iDiGi plans launched with it, people are bound to rush in the stores and get one of these babies.

It is suitable for people who's always on the go and need recent updates on the world. News, sports, entertainment, latest tech or gossips, and everything else around the world. Apple iPhone 4 has everything that people ever dreamed of. If not all, at least I do. I am totally loving this new Apple iPhone 4. All of it's application and softwares, iTunes, and many more. 

I am totally digging it. It's no wonder that DiGi iPhone 4 is THE most wanted phone ever because it guaranteed to help with your daily life. 

It's compact and mobile
it's the most advanced cell on the verge
could go on for quite a mile
Apple iPhone 4 is worth your while.

Movies, music
you name it, Apple iPhone 4 has it all
entertainment has never been scarce
it proves to do more than do your calls.

With the new DiGi iPlans all set up
you'll be guaranteed to enjoy it to the max
with great savings and free calls, texts, and more
you'll bound to love Apple iPhone 4 even more.

So, quite your whining
and hesitating
get your own Apple iPhone 4 now
with great offers from DiGi iPlans
It'll prove useful to your life!

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Now, in line with this new iPhone 4 coming out, DiGi has come out new plans for customers that are using the iPhone 4. Great, great, great offers on the plans. I mean like really.

What I love about these new plans is that it's cheap, it has great speed for internet and totally affordable. You can choose between three plans iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138, and iDiGi 238. Instead of the actual high prices, they have opted to cut down on the prices and make it lesser for affordable prices. The great thing is, you can start out by the first plan and then later upgrade it if you want more access. Of course, since the next plan is always better than the first ones.

I love it so much more since it provides us with now just a few but quite a number of free usage. Voice calls, SMS, MMS and even Internet usage. Now that is a real bargain since cellphone users nowadays just love to surf internet on the go. Be it in the mall, the cafe, anywhere that they have ample time to surf the internet, they'd be doing so. More or so because nowadays people who can't afford time to sit around in front of their PC or Laptops to surf, they can just do so with their phone. And that is why these new iDiGi plans are so useful to cater people's needs.

Not only, they even have the lowest rate for voice calls, SMS, and MMS. Teenagers nowadays also love to talk, text and even share pictures all the time. So, these new lower rate that iDiGi offers are like so beneficial for those people. Furthermore, it provides us with a total of six friends and family numbers that saves a lot of money even more. The best part of it, it offers us with six, I mean SIX supplementary numbers which is like three times more than any other mobile phone line services. And any calls, SMS sent to those number are totally free of charge! Isn't that a total bargain?!!!

That is why I just simply love this new iDiGi plans. It suits the needs of modern people who are so busy, phone tied to their hands every minute of every day. With the combination of Apple iPhone 4 which have so many applications that can help ease our life, what more can a person ask?!

Kancing, It's Raining

21st September, Tuesday.

That morning, we had class with Tuan Haji Adnan. And later that afternoon we had no class. So, I was wondering on what to do on the afternoon since we had so much spare time. Then it struck me. What if we went to Sungai Kancing for a swim. Haven't been there for like a long time and I suddenly had an itching to go for a swim. So, I decided that we should all go to Sungai Kancing for a swim. 

And as you all may know, unplanned trip can be quite a mess because we had not planned it earlier and it would set us back some time to prepare and everything but I like it unplanned better because planned things sometimes can turn out to be not happening at all. So, after class that morning, I started asking the usual person but it turns out to be a total blow-off. Most of them didn't want to come, the only who's excited to come was only Faizal, Fifie and Faiz. And I said, this won't do. Just four of us? I mean, just the four of us is enough, I know. But I like it much better if many came along. The more the merrier, right?

So, after some calling here and there, inviting this person and that person, we finally managed to pull off some of the unpredictable followers. We had Zi Ling and her boyfriend Lim to come, Adi (well because he hangs out with us quite a lot nowadays), Sharon (although she was hesitated at first), Ezyan and Ani (who didn't want to come at first but after being begged and forced by Sharon, they've agreed). We move out in three cars. 

It was heavy raining on our way there and there I thought it was all a waste but when we almost made it to Rawang, the rain had stopped. In my heart I was shouting, Wooohohoooo!!! Before going to Kancing, we went for a drive-through at McDonalds to buy food since some of then haven't had lunch yet. After our little pit-stop, we continued to our destination.

Well, thank goodness the rain had stopped. We got there, safe. We started to unload our things from the car and head out.

Most of them were like very tired climbing up the stairs. Well, who wouldn't?! It was tiring and quite exhausting but thank goodness we finally made it up. 

The sad part is that the only who brought clothes to swim was only Fifie, Faizal, Faiz, and I. Adi didn't bring any clothes but he did swam too. Only that he had to wear the same shirt that is wet on our way back home. Well, at least we all had fun in our own way. Zi Ling and her boyfriend spend times together, Sharon plays her guitar, Ezyan and Ani was listening to Korean songs, and Amy was doing assignment. Amy said that it was relaxing to the assignment outdoor. A fresh change of atmosphere and it feels nice to be back in the nature. I applaud her for her great enthusiasm and optimism. She's very different from any girls I've met.

Too bad for us that swim because the rain was playing tricks with us. A minute it was drizzly and then it was none. Then it start pouring like cats and dogs and then it was none again. We took a swim. Then it started to drizzle again but Adi and I kept on swimming until they called us up saying that it's already 5pm.

We pack our things and head down. When we arrived down, we took group pictures for memories.

Aiyoh... this Ezyan aarr... When we wanted to take good pictures together, she always hides and moving a lot making her image blurry but when it came time for candid like these down here,

she shines like a sparkling star in the middle of the gloomy night. Get what I mean?

Anyway, after that, we wanted to head back and then everyone said let's go to the McDonalds again and eat together. And so we did. We like going crazy about this Ice-cream Sundae's that almost everyone bought one. I don't know why but we had fun eating it together and all.

After that tea time, we started heading back home. It was so much fun. Now that kind of trip is really my kind of trip. You know why? Because I like going out when we have nothing actually planned. Like that, we don't know what is in store for us and there will always be room for improvement. Besides, I never actually thought that the others that joined us that day like Sharon, Lim, Zi Ling, Ezyan, Ani and Adi knows how to have fun and enjoy the company of each other. It is sooooooooo much fun!! 

You guys, let's do this again okay?!

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

I have never used and iPhone before and thus I know nothing about iTunes but then my friend said that it is awesome. It lets him download music legally and best of all, it's easily accessible. It has a wide range of selectable medias that can be downloaded and it is so impressive. 

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a free application for your Mac or PC. It organizes and plays your digital music and video on your computer. It keeps all your content in sync. And it’s a store on your computer, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV that has everything you need to be entertained. Anywhere. Anytime.

It lets you organize all your downloaded music well in the library. You can shuffle 'em up with your style, mix it up into a cool playlist or go crazy. It lets you ripped away all those music CDs and place 'em all in the iTunes stacks of music for easy access to you wherever you are, whenever you want it. And there's this Genius Mixes and Genius Playlist which I think is like totally cool. Let's say you're in a sad mood and all you want to hear is emo or dark songs like hauntingly sad ones and all you do is first play one song like it and use the Genius application. What it does is that it will find songs that have the same vibe or tempo. Isn't it cool?! It will suite our need for the same type of songs.

Well let's see, internet is major thing nowadays and hell yeah, iTunes is now socially connected. You can have your own profile in iTunes and meet all sorts of friends from different music backgrounds and style. It lets us share our interests and everything. You set up a profile being following a certain artists and the list of groupie for that artist is now your new friends. As simple as that. I personally love this application so much. It lets me connect to people who share the same kind of passion for music as I do. This connection also helps us keep on a real feed traffic update on the media world. What the artists are doing, what they've produced, new album on the store, the photos they uploaded, the tour they've did, everything and it is all in your hand. It is like a mini walking feed updater that keeps you informed every single time something new is there. Even concerts are easily accessible using the this application. You can check out concerts are going to be help nearby your area and book tickets early with just a click away. It's so simple, no fuss, no rush.

Besides, it is more than about music. TV shows, Movies, anything big, all is there. Entertainment is never a dry season with iTunes. Browse thousands of movies to buy or rent. Keep up with your favorite TV shows in standard and high definition. Download thousands of apps and games. Discover more than 150,000 free audio and video podcasts. Catch up on your reading by listening to best-selling audiobooks.

With this so much cool application,
I might like just everything about it!!!!

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Because I definitely need a new phone. I have been clinging to this old Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone W595 Pink (Valentine's Day edition) for too long. I admit, the camera quality is okay but not as good as a Cybershot phone. I need a new phone so bad and I've been dying to get a hold of any of the Apple items. Since I was a kid  I've been dreaming of having an Apple PC because of it's artistic design but it is too expensive.

Oh, please please please please let me have the phone! I am dying to have a new modern phone that could do more than just, calls, text-messaging, take pictures, and listen to music. I want more. I am terribly sorry but I am a little bit greedy. But at least that is so much better than having two or three cellphones that serves different purposes. It is better to have one cellphone that have lots of function.

This is why I plead to you, let me have that phone. I need a phone that can complement my lifestyle which is always so busy with so many things to do!!! And I would sacrifice my maxis number just so that I could change to DiGi and have that iPhone!!!! 

Help me!!! Let me have the Apple iPhone 4!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Business of Raya (part 1)

One week holiday was clearly not enough for me to celebrate Raya. Every single day was filled with so much activity and outings. And since I'm a week late to update my blog. I'll skip all the details of every single day and tell just a lil bit of what I did.

Continuation of after the second day of Raya, on the third, my family were invited to go to my cousin's open house in Rawang. My mom couldn't follow me cause she had to attend to all the guests that came to our house so I just bring along my little monyetz. It was such a long journey actually. I never thought of going to Rawang would be this tiring and long since it was freaking hot that day and I couldn't drive fast to speed up the time. We arrived there in the afternoon and sat at my cousin's house for two hours and half and then at 6pm, I decided to head home because there was simply nothing else to do and I'm tired. Thank goodness there was no traffic and we made it home before Maghrib. I was super tired when I got back.

That night also, I went out with Myra because I wanted to hang out with her. We went to Galaxy Ampang and watch Piranha together. Gosh, that movie is super gory and creepy. Too much horrifying death scenes with the Piranha and not just that, those Piranha was just the infants, not the adults. Freaking creepy!

After the movie, we went to Tanjung cause I wanted shisha and invited Pojie over. He came with his girlfriend. We hang out there for like two hours over until it started raining. Then we went back home.

Fourth day of Raya. Hmmmm............ my uncle decided to invite my grandma over to his house in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, so I drove them over there and head out since I don't want to stay at his. Thank goodness Myra called me to hang out with her and Atiem. It has been a long time since I met Atiem. We decided to hit the newly opened shopping complex near Ampang : Axis Atrium.

There weren't so much shops open inside though since it is new. We hang out at Old Town.

Fifth day of Raya. Nothing much happened in the morning but in the evening, Faiz invited me over to Kajang asked me to accompany him to go Raya at his friend's house. 

After we went to his friend's house we decided to hang out at the usual maple that Faiz and Acap always go. Too bad for me because while we were hanging out, Faiz's mom called him to come back home and he couldn't send me back to Ampang. But thank goodness since Myra was kind enough to come and pick me up  in Kajang. Before heading back home, we decided to hang out at McDonald Pandan Mewah. Because I wanted to taste the new Cheese McShaker and it is awesome!

Sixth Day of Raya. That day, I went out with my family the whole day. We went over to Bangi, then Putrajaya and then to Kampung Limau Manis in Putrajaya. I wasn't tired of driving that day because I got the chance to drive my auntie's Avanza. My first time driving a bigger vehicle.

I shall continue on the next post. I'm damn frustrated right now, so I want to go sleep now. Super damn emo.
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