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26th August, Thursday.
Later, that afternoon after Madam Nuraini's class at 2pm, Mr. Mus decided to make his class a bit early and he had combined both the sixth semester group ? and mine. So, the class was fucking packed. Seriously packed. The purpose of the combined class is just to make it easier for him to relay his message to the students about the same assignments for different group. So, it was major packed!!!

Seriously packed, isn't it? But when it is this packed and everyone was there, I found an opportunity to snap some of our classmates photos since I haven't taken photos of my classmates for quite a while already. We were so busy and caught up piles of assignments and Mr.Mus's assignments was the last part of those piling assignments. When we turned up all of his assignments, it was the end of our hectic piles of assignment.

Now, the only ones left are the assignment from Madam Pushpa and Madam Charanjit. So, there's some resting time for us before starting our next assignments.


I missed Errekka a fucking lot, man. She's been so busy with MPP and she just got back from India that we rarely sees her in class anymore. Miss you a lot Kak Ika!

Ayie joined our class for a moment because he had no class and wanted to kill time. Mr.Mus was fine with it though. So, what the heck, the freaking more it gets, the fucking merrier it'll be. Hahahah!

Zue and Sue, malu2 kucing when I took their pictures.

And this is after a little talk, so they agreed to pose for a snap. Acaaaap!!! Hahahaha!

Aaaaww.... this couple is so cute. I wanted to take a picture of both of them and this is what I get...

Btw, that day was Sharon's birthday!!

Mr.Mus, giving instructions and guidance on assignments.

Cute, cute, super cute!

A little rock-looking pose! Thanks Pija, for being so 'sporting'!! Cheers!

Look at Zue's face. She knew I was taking pictures of them and she was actually posing. hahaha!

Focus la perempuan, Mr.Mus is giving you directions over there!

Our birthday girl is super cute!

And a little cam-whoring for me and my best gedix friend, Yona.
Love you lots and lots, bitch!!!

and that's me, saying thanks to you guys as my reader for spending some time, going through all my crappy blog post. Thanks a lot!!!!

Cheers, PEACE, and LAUGH ALWAYS okay?

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