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Trip to Sitiawan, Perak (Part 2)

This is the continual for the previous post about my group's trip to Sitiawan, Perak in order to finish our Mr.Mus's second assignment which requires us to interview a primary/secondary school teacher which have a TESL background.

Anyway, here's what happened on the second day. We woke up at 8am or so and everybody was still as sleepy as hell because it was so damn comfortable sleeping in an air-conditioned room. I got my throat parched though because it's too cold for me. They said that my snoring was super-loud this time ever. It's because when I sleep in an air-conditioned room, my nose will be blocked and I can't breathe using my nose. When that happens, I need to open my mouth while sleeping. You see, snoring occurs much more frequently when you sleep with your mouth opens. So, you get what I meant when my snoring was way louder than usual.

Anyway, we had to be by the school at 10am for our interview. So, forcibly, we had to wake up even though it is damn comfortable sleeping during that time.

Sleepy faces....

Malasnye nak bangun...sedap sgt tidor.

So, by the time we woke up, Afiq's Maklang already bought Nasi Lemak for our breakfast. We got changed and got dressed and went downstairs before heading to school.

Yummy nasi lemak!!!

After that breakfast, we head to Afiq's previous secondary school.

He looks so happy to came back to his school. Anyway, Afiq showed us around his school for a bit and we found a place to sit and organize how we should do the interview.

After some planning, Afiq went to the teacher's lounge to meet up with the supposedly-going-to-be-interviewed teacher only to finds out that the principal won't let us. What a bummer!!!
Actually, it was quite a long time before Afiq came back with the results, so actually in the mean time, we went ahead to the canteen to buy ourselves some drinks. It was freaking hot man. We were damn thirsty.

The canteen sure is kind of racist, I tell you. There are four stalls overall, one Muslim shop, one Indian shop, one Chinese shop, and one we-don't-know shops. Damn, it is seriously kind of racist. We sat there and bought drinks and about 5 minutes later, the bell rang and it was recess time. By that time Afiq was already there and we saw it ourselves that it is kind of racism. The malays will only buy at the Muslim shop and vice-versa. Geee......

So, anyway, we were so down that we couldn't do the interview with the supposed teacher and decided to leave the school. Thank goodness that Afiq had backup plans. He brought us over to the Taman Paya Bakau while we're discussing about the next plan. I took some chance to take some pictures while we're at it.

And as we were about to venture further into the Taman Paya Bakau, the supposedly-backup-plan teacher also bailed on us and couldn't perform the interview. Another bummer. Afiq was already seriously disappointed and depressed and sorry if things didn't happened the way he plans. Then an idea came to his mind. He thought of asking his primary school teacher whether we could do the interview with her. And she said come over to the school and we'll discuss. 

So, we head to Afiq's primary school next.

As we arrived there, we met with his teacher and she said that one teacher can do it but that teacher has a class at the moments so we had to wait until his morning shift finishes which is about one hour over. So, in the mean time, we took a tour around the school.

First stop, the canteen. Afiq said that the canteen's auntie knew him and was very nice to him before but he wasn't sure whether she's still working there or not.

And apparently, she is. She treated us for some drinks and chatted with Afiq for a while.

Remember this plank @ platform? When we used to be small and we couldn't reached the counter even if we stood up high, they had to place this platform to make it easier for us to buy food. Gaaah, so funny, now that we're older and taller. When we stand on the platform we look like giant freaks. Hahahaha!

Next, the classes.

Gosh, during the tour from the classes, I felt like a really big person. All the pupils running or walking that pass beside us will nod and bow their heads to us while saying 'Selamat Sejahtera, cikgu'. Whoaaaaa, I felt like really really respected. It was way cool!!! 

After the tour around the school, we had like half an hour left so we sat by this bench near the teacher's lounge and go over our interview plan once more.

Right after the bell rang, we head to the teacher's lounge and the supposed teacher, Mr. Thomas was already rushing to go back and for a second there we thought, "oh no, not again!!!". We almost missed our interview for the third time and we couldn't afford losing it. So we ran to him and asked him politely if he could do the interview even for a little while and he directed us to another teacher, Mr.Baskaran  who has a degree in TESL. Thank goodness that Mr.Baskaran didn't hesitate so much and agreed to do the interview. Thank goodness!!!!!!!

Finally, after the interview had been done, we thanked the teacher and leave the school grounds. We head back home to Afiq's and had lunch. Gaaaah....delish delish!!! so sedaaap!!!

After that lunch, Afiq brought us to this ABC stall. And we had desserts..... omg, sooooooo full!!!! After that dessert we head back home again and slept because we were super tired.

We woke up at 5.40pm because we had planned to go to Teluk Batik to go for a swim at the beach. But Afiq said that we need to be back by 7pm. So just imagine, there wasn't enough time to swim. But we still went there for sightseeing.

Playing with the jellyfishies... Speaking about that, we saw a lot of jellyfish dead by the sand. There were tons of it. Afiq told us that if we swim at this beach we need to be careful to avoid those jellyfish because it is poisonous if we came into contact with them.

One glance at this place and it looked like it was abandoned and haunted but Afiq told us we were wrong. It isn't abandoned nor haunted. It's a chalet and there are people who rent that place. But.. I wouldn't ever think of renting it. It just screams "spooky" for me.

Afiq khusyuk bercerita!

After some time, we finally decide to leave and it's time to finally go back to unisel. We head back to Afiq's house, had dinner, and finally left his house.

Thank you, Afiq for this trip to your hometown.

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