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Trip to Sitiawan, Perak (Part 1)

Wednesday, 4th August. After Ms. Pang's class in the afternoon, Acap, Faiz, Afiq and I all packed some of our clothes and head to Sitiawan, Perak to go to Afiq's house. No, we didn't go there for a leisure trip, but more of an assignment trip. We had to do an assignment where we had to interview a teacher from either a primary or secondary school who has some education from TESL. 

So, right after that class we hurried off and shoot to Perak in Widad's car. Widad was nice enough to lend us her car for the sake of the assignment. Thank you wid~!!!

Some photos while we're on the way....

The sceneries while we're on the way also were quite nice!
Didn't take a lot of photos of it though...

By 7pm and over, we almost reached to Sitiawan...

And we made it to Afiq's house safely...

We head upstairs and unload all of our things take a peek at his room. It was quite simple actually. It is because their house is still under renovations. I like the color of his wall : purple!!!

Here is his closet.

Cute isn't it?!

This is his study table. He took out this small box where contains some of his old pictures during his school age. He's so much better looking nowadays than before though.. hahahaha!!!

And as we chatted for a while, his mother called us down to have dinner.

Whoa, and the food is as good as he always tells us!!! His mother and maklang is such a good cook!!! All of the foods tastes so yummy!! Here's some of the finest things at the table.

This sayur bayam is sooooo nice!!1

Sotong masak kicap!!!!

This sambal ayam was the best of all. It's so freakingly awesome delish!!!


Anyway, after that dinner, we quickly start on doing our first part for the interview, drafting for all of the interview questions. It was quite challenging because we can't decide whether the questions are hard enough to answer and whether the teacher would know of any of the methods or theories that we are going to ask them. But after some mind cracking and silly-nuts-blowing thinking had been done. We could come up with at least seven questions. Well, we only did seven because there are going to be some more question popping-out spontaneously when we're doing the actual interview.

While we're busy doing our drafts, Afiq's mom was so kind enough to serve us with some drinks.

I like this glass sooo much! So, stylish!!!

I don't know why but they said they were high on bayam like the same thing when they're high when eating kangkung. Such nonsense... hahahhaahah!!!

Oh yeah, there were cats in his house and both of it were so adorably fat and cute!!!
Super cute!!!!!!!!!!

They're seriously fat and Afiq did say they look like obese cats!
hahaha, is there such things as obese cats?
I don't know...

After some serious mind-blasting-thinking going, we decided to call it a night as most of us were tired and exhausted from the journey and everything.

So, that was basically the first part of our trip to Sitiawan, Perak. Next blog post entry shall be about the second part. Wait for it, thanks!!!

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