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Taman Arnab

Lunch, yesterday afternoon was super entertaining. Faizal and I had lunch with Mira like last week. It was major fun! She is as sewel as me and as laser like me (even more!!) but I really like her, she was super fun to talk with. It didn't matter if we would spend three hours just talking. There was so much to talk about and all of it will be filled with laughter. And even though she's waaaaaaaaaay older than I am!! But she's major fun!!! I'm glad I get to know her!!!!

Anyway, during the lunch, we chat about lots of things, kutuk-ing, buset-ing, mengumpat-ing, laughing, and all of it while eating. It was super fun. And the topic of 'Taman Arnab' arose. We remembered she uploaded some pictures of her visit to the Taman Arnab in Bukit Badong before in her Facebook and since then I was so eager to go there but couldn't because for the past couple weeks, we were kind of busy with assignments and everything. And then she said later in the evening she's going there again to let her bunny, Cecem, to go there and play while she's searching for new ones to buy. She invited us!!!!

So, at 5pm SHARP, she arrived in front of our house to pick me and Faizal and then we're off to the Taman Arnab. We got there and I practically jump over all the bunnies there!! There were small ones (very fucking cute and adorable), some medium-sized ones, and very large ones (I mean very large, super large!!! It's like they're mutant or what....). Anyway, enough ramblings, here are the photos!!!

These pictures are taken in the Rabbit's Playground area. They're so adorable and fast, hopping here and there. Sometimes it's kind of hard to catch some of the cute ones because they get away quickly!!

And then we entered this area where all the small rabbits are locked in cage for sell to other breeders or pet shops.... Most of them are mixed genes and very very I mean very cute!!!!

Look at this one, sooo damn cute!!!

This one looks like a kitten!

Kak Mira is scouting for new bunnies to be bought~

While they were still inside looking at all those cute lil bunnies, I went outside to the playground again to take some more pictures~

After that, I went near the entrance and saw this monkey. It's name is Jambul or Jamboi... something like that.... hahaha.. he looks so sad and he was picking up fruits on the ground to eat...

Right after that, the worker 'tauke' there serves us drinks (Sirap.....manis giler, I like!) While we were chatting with the workers about future plans about that place. They say they'll open up a restaurant and all and sell Rabbit Satay... which will costs about RM1.50 a stick. I wouldn't dare to eat the meat of those cute little animals...... The shop will only be open after Raya. 

After that, we head back home. BUT! Before kak Mira send us back to our house, we stopped by at Pasar Malam and bought our dinner... The same old, same old, things we bought there. I ended up buying Uncle Bob's Fried Chicken and Strawberry Ice-Blended again....

Here's someone who would like to say goodbye and a very big thank you for dropping by my blog and read about all my craps. Go, on, the readers are all yours!!!
Go, DOMO!!!

Thank you very much for reading,
and farewell for now~!!!

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