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Sewelful Night

Yes, my friend, that's Carls Junior. This was last Friday, 27th August.  Yona, Fifie, Ieza, Faiz, Ayie and I decided to go to One Utama to spend some time together while Fifie wanted to do some shopping. We went with separate cars because the girls decided to move a bit later than us. So, Faiz, Ayie, and I rode Fifie's car to OU first. The plan was actually to drop Ayie at KTM Sungai Buloh because he was heading back to Subang to his auntie's but he decided to join us hanging out first.

As we reached there, it was almost time to break-fast and so we were heading to the food court to eat first, but we took a pit stop at Carls because Faiz wanted to buy his food there. And so we did. To my surprise, Ayie had never eaten at Carls before. Now, that is news to me. Because as far I know, he had a lot of experience in eating at lots of places next to Afiq. Heh.

Since it was a holiday for people living in Selangor (Nuzul Quran), OU was packed with lots of people. It was crowded and restaurants everywhere were totally crowded. Thank goodness we decided to eat at the food court instead and just did takeaways at Carls. While waiting for our orders done, I took some photos.

Once we've taken our orders, we went to the food court. I was actually surprised because I thought it would be crowded but it wasn't. And I'm actually thankful for it because I wouldn't have to take a long time to look for tables. I bought this Fried Pan Mee with Black Pepper there. I thought it was kuey teow because it looks totally the same but it didn't. It tastes quite odd to me. It's like a pasta.

At the food court itself, another surprising thing happened. We bumped in with Ezyan who just got back from Giants buying some takoyakis. We followed her and found the rest of them; Amy, Liyana, Izzati, Sharon, and Ani too. It was fun meeting with them. I tasted this Black Pepper Beef Rice from Liyana and it tasted delish. And I asked from Ani for a bite of takoyaki because I haven't tasted it before. It tasted ............ weird for me. I didn't expect it to tastes like that because I had in my mind that it would tastes more like cuttlefish or squid because Tako in Japanese means Squid/Cuttlefish/Octupus if I still remembers. 

Anyway, after break-fasting, we head outside for some puff while waiting for the girls to arrive. Not long after that, they finally arrived there but they had some problems finding the parking because,

"the fucking is full, babeh"

as said by Ieza. That was so funny!!! So, in the mean time, we waited for them in front of Forever 21.

After quite some time waiting, we decided to went to the upper floors and hit the karaoke box while waiting for them. aaaaaaahhhh..... That was fun, even if its just for a while and not many songs that I wanted to sing was there, it was satisfying enough that I finally get to karaoke after a looooong time. While we were busy singing our throats off, the girls arrived and rent a room to karaoke for themselves. When we were done, they weren't. So we head to the arcade to spend more time. But it was time for Ayie to leave because he called his friends earlier to pick him up there since he didn't want to trouble us by sending him back to his auntie's at Subang. Bye, bye Ayie....

Ayie left and I turned in some cash for some tokens. I was sangat gatal tangan to play the para-para dancing machine. Yeaaaah, that was fun! Haven't played that thing for a looooong time and it was super satisfying!! Then it was the time to for me and Faiz to do our revenge on that House of The Dead 4. This time we managed to achieve level four and died during the boss. Darn it! Going to do much better next time!!

When both of us have finished our business, the girls were kind of tired and ready to head back. Just when we were ready to head back, a funny story happened. When arrived at OU, I gave the parking ticket to Ayie for him to keep and when he left, I've forgotten to take back the ticket. To cut it short, I had to pay a total of RM20 to pay for the lost ticket. Damn it! But the guard said that I can get my money back if I can give them parking ticket which 'accidentally lost' on Sunday. Heh, that'd be a problem cause we weren't thinking of going out again this weekend and Ayie also might not come back on Sunday.... Aiyoooh...

So, I had to pay RM20 and we were able to leave. But the night wasn't over yet. Although the girls was tired and kind of sleepy, I insisted that we're going somewhere for shisha because we had planned to do so from the beginning since any of the two things we planned that night didn't happened (watching The Expendables or going for karaoke at our usual place). I know, that was selfish of me, but sorry Yona, I'm sooooo dead meat on wanting to shisha so much!

And so, with my selfish-request, we head to Rasta in PJ. That was my first time there in was quite okay...

Ordered food, drinks and SHISHA!!!! And from there, the sewelness begins. We were kind of high from the shisha we took. I was really kind of high because the flavor Rose that Yona suggested. It was such a strong flavor and I got dizzy even after the first inhalation. Gaaaaahhhh.......

We were so high that we got so sewel!!!! And during the sewel-times, we were so crazy and played tricks on both Yona and Ieza because they are easy to make them 'melatah'. It was so fun!!!

Cam-whoring time~!!!

I forced yona to do the pigtail hairstyle and she did~!! So fucking cute!!!!

We were really crazy, I tell you! Taking pictures every minute!!!

And here it the best moments that night. We were so high and sewel that all three of us; Yona, Ieza and I, matchmake both Faiz and Fifie. And to our surprise, they agreed and tadaaaa~

Congratulations to our new couple :


So sweet, ain't them?
May both of you loved each other till death sets you apart and be happy, blissfully together!
Best wishes from me!

And with the unite of both Faiz and Fifie (the only sane people), all three of us (the insane and super sewel people) had so much fun laughing and seweling with each other. So crazy!!!

And, at 4pm over, Ayie came there with his friend but we could hang out there for just like a couple of minutes because Rasta was closing. Hanging out there was super fun though. We had so much fun time laughing and teasing with each other that I think we're the loudest and noisiest customer there. Even with just five of us, before Ayie came. Gonna ask Yona to come and hang out there again next time. It was fun!!!

We left to a nearby mamak because Ayie wanted to eat for sahur. Not so many thing to talk about there because all of them were so tired that even Faiz had fell asleep in the car and didn't want to come out. But the only thing that happened was when we were about to leave. To our surprise, Tangerina (Yona's car) had a little bit of an accident because she hit a divider, causing the skirting of the car to crack a bit. It's because she was too sleepy to drive back. And so it came to the conclusion that all five of us will have to drive back in one car since I'm the only person that is still energetic and awake enough to drive us all the way back to Unisel. Yona was too sleepy, Faiz is already asleep, Fifie can't drive during the night, and Ieza have no driving license. Ayie will have to hold on to Fifie's car until he comes back to Unisel on Sunday, perhaps.

And I drove them back all the way to Unisel. Thank goodness that Ieza is still awake and I wasn't so bored driving all alone when all of the others had fell asleep.

I want to thank Yona for that night. That was a lot of fun!!! And I haven't had that much fun with her since a long time! Thanks a lot, babe!!! I missed hanging out with you!!!!!

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