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Secret Recipe & Shopping

Sunday, 15th August. Since it was a request by both my mom and little sister, I had to go and accompany my lil sis to shop for her new clothes.

And as usual, it'll either be in Jusco or Tesco for me cause I find that there's absolutely no need to shop for clothes at branded or expensive places. As long as it looks nice, and it's affordable, what the heck. And for your information, half of my clothes are bought at Tesco. 

Anyway, so.. after some talk with my lil sis, we decided, Jusco Maluri it is then... So, my lil sis's friend tagged along because she got nothing to do. I was fine with it of course. As soon as we reached Jusco Maluri, it was already break-fasting time. So, we decided to break-fast first but, as what I already thought and knew it would happened, the food court was over-flooded with lots of people trying to break-fast there. So, once again like last year, we couldn't find any spot. And then my lil sis suggested to try at the Secret Recipe outlet just nearby. And there I thought, since I had never had eating there before (bought the cake, yes. But not the foods there). So, I say, why not?

So, there I was, thinking what should I eat since it was my first time. My lil monyet didn't recommend me anything even though she had eaten there before. She ordered a lasagna because she wanted to try it out. Her friend ordered a Vietnamese Beef Noodle which is quite nice actually. I like the noodle... it's flat noodle. And for me, I ordered a Cream & Cheese Macaroni and a Grilled Dori with Brown Sauce (or was it Garlic Sauce...forgotten...).

So, it was almost break-fasting time and they gave us some complimentary Kurma and Rose Cordial drink on the house. Azan sounded and we break-fasted with those complimentary items. Not so long waiting and the foods finally arrived.


Beef Lasagna

Cream & Cheese Macaroni

Grilled Dori with i-don't-remember Sauce

So, we ate our food. The Beef Lasagna was oo-kay. Not too shabby I would say but definitely not the best that I've ever tasted. The Cream & Cheese Macaroni was way too creamy for me. It is delightful though, the cheese was superb and gooey (the way I liked it) but the cream was way overpowering and by the time I ate half of the plate, I got sick of it. But the Grilled Dori was superb. I'm loving it. The Dori was soft and tender and sooooooo delish. The sauce complement the Dori so good. I love it so much.

So, after that little dinner, we had a little dessert, from the Secret Recipe too of course. Two slice of cake :

Chocolate Strawberry Moist Cake

Caramel Cheese Cake

After that, we finished out desserts and hit the shopping department. Boy, it was super tiring. Hahahaha........ I've never been this tired since I last went shopping with Wanie... Hahahaha!!! It's not because my lil was choosy, it's because she is quite on the plus size and everything that we wanted couldn't fit her, even the XL size... So, that took some time but finally we came out with three tops for her. Those tops looked nice though! It suits her and it doesn't look too fit for her. Just okay. So, that actually kinda wraps it... Ahahaha....


  1. Seriously your first time? Their Beef Lasagna is the best.

  2. Yeah, totally. My first time. But, their Beef Lasagna doesn't taste that much tasty for me. It was the Grilled Dori that appeal to my taste buds. Well, still need to explore other foods in that shop. There's more to try.


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