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Salt : Review

Salt, hmmm.... where to begin. The trailer is super awesome but some of the reviews totally condemns it. But for me, this show has put out their best in trying to create a difference from any of those action/thrill movie that has been screening quite a lot for these couple of months. I'd give this story a total of 8/10.

Storyline :
- this movie has a good storyline but kind of confuses the audiences with its twist and turn of the plot. You have Angelina Jolie a.k.a. Evelyn Salt which is an undercover spy working for C.I.A. from the beginning being accused as a Russian Spy, and tries to make an escape from it, while trying to prove of her innocence. And then movie made an expected twists which reveals her as really a Russian Spy. Then again, not many moments later in the movie, there is another twist where she kills her upper authority of Russian spy director who gave her the order of assassination of the American President. But at the same time, she went to do the mission itself, trying to kill the American President. And finally at the climax before ending, the movie made another twists where she betrays the mission itself. Now, what the heck is that? The storyline is good and creative but it's way too confusing and moving at a fast pace leaving the audiences wondering what is actually happening.

Action :
- in this area, Angelina Jolie should have been given an award because she kicks ass almost every minute in this movie. The ass-kicking and gun-shooting was satisfying enough and leaving the audiences for more. Even for me, I was hoping for more. Don't get me wrong, it is adequate but we want more. It's amazing and seriously awesome. I wanted to go out for a moment to pee but I didn't because I wouldn't want to waste any minute of watching her awesomeness. She had outdone herself and it pays very well.

Overall :
- I would say, this movie is quite awesome and a total fresh concept from the usual action/thrill movie. The spy concept itself is brilliant and the way it plays with our mind is almost unbelievable. And that is why this movie deserves an 8/10.

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  1. This movie was superb, so much better than Inception :)

  2. I wouldn't say it was much better than Inception cause Inception blows my mind really.......


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