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This cat is stupendously fat and cute! I just want to grab it and hold it and press it like a squashy balloon. Geraaaaam sangat tgk kucing nie... nak gomol-gomol je!!!!! So f'ing cute, man!!!!! 

Anyway, this happens earlier this afternoon. If you've read my previous entry, you should already knew that I was crashing at Acap's house and so, earlier this afternoon, he was suppose to send me back in Ampang. But before going back to Ampang, he had to drive to PJ to drop his mother off at his grandma's place. I was fine tagging along because I wanted to see his grandma's house too. 

As it turned out to be, his grandma's house was huge.....I didn't enter it of course, I just sat in the car outside but it was huge. I was quite impressed. Behind his grandma's house, there was this larger house. At first I thought it was a building or something but Acap told me that was the house of the famous jewellery shop or something... haha forgotten again.

Grand, isn't it?

So, that was his grandma's house (from the outside...of course). Astonished I was, actually. He must have come from a very wealthy family. But yet he is humble and modest. Very kind too. Sue is super-lucky to have you as her boyfriend. I hope you guys are going to be happily married together till you die. Wait, that sounded wrong....anyway...moving on.

So, after dropping her mom off. We were ready to leave but Acap decided to give me a little quick tour around her grandma's neighborhood. Showing all of the rich goons lot houses...

This is the big large house behind his grandma's house, the owner of a famous jewelery business. Man, this house was super huge. I mean really huge. One glance at it and even you'd think it's a building for some association or whatever but it's actually not, it's damn fucking big house, really! And that kubah thingy at the top floor in this picture, that's the owner's office. Gaaaah, this rich bastard's house is awesome. I'm speechless looking at its magnificence.

And here are some more houses which attracts me. Not that I'd say they were beautiful or what but, it's appealing to the eye.

I looooooove those glass windows and the circular shape of the house. Ah-mazing!

This house, however is very artistic. Aside from the style and structure of this house which looks like those old houses dated back during the P.Ramlee's era, it has a very artistic geometrical layout which fancies me.

And this, my friend, is the house of the owner of the famous restaurant, Lotus. This house is purely majestic, even bigger than the owner of the jewelery shop behind Acap's grandma's house. This house is just like what the tag shows, the White House. It's walls is in pure white and the layout of this house is superb. It even have a secondary house in front of it :

Well, this one might not seem too majestic but it is still quite large. See that Lotus sign?

Anyway, after that a little quick tour around the neighborhood, Acap showed me the school which his sister went to, Assunta. It is a girl school and he said if Mr.Mus doesn't mind, he wanted to do his practicum there. Just imagine, girl school + practicum teacher = ????  Hahahaha. Just right by the corner, he showed me another school which La Salle or something like that which is a boy's school. Now, that's my domain. Hahahahahaha!!! 

We spent some time laughing and talking if we could do our practicum here in PJ. Acap in Assunta and me in La Salle. Aaaaah.... it'll be heaven!!! Anyway, enough with the crap talk, we continued our journey to Ampang to send me back. 

And so, after half an hour, we finally made it to my house in Ampang. Acap dropped me off, said goodbyes and went away. I would like to personally thanks to my friend, Acap for letting me crash over at his house, spending times together with him and Faiz the night before and for so nice to pick me up and send me back to Ampang just for the sake of our little fun time together. Thanks Acap.


  1. it's true... all of the lot houses are like rich people's house. But usually it's a retirement houses because old people lives there.


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