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Delicacies in Malaysia (Part 2)

Okay, this is a continuation of my previous post, which talks about foods you can find in this month's special Bazaar Ramadhan. For this entry, it's all about desserts. And to my readers, this will be the last post about it since there's just so many delicacies that can be find at the Bazaar that made me feel lost of what to choose to write about. 

Okay, so, moving on to desserts.

.::Kuih Batik::.
photo taken from Google
So, what is is about this cookie? I'll tell you, the name kind of doesn't best represent this dessert actually..Well it does in a way that when you cu it through, the texture and the layers of biscuits make great artistic design. Anyway, this kuih is made by piling some of the biscuits that you rarely eats, break it apart and set it away for a while. On another bowl, take some cocoa powder and probably some milo, blend it together with water and some suger (maybe? I'm just making assumptions) on the stove and when it is all blend together creating a nice moisture, turn the stove off and dunk it all over on the broken parts of biscuits. Compressed it really nice and let no air inside, then finally place it in a fridge. That's basically it... (I guess! Hahaha). So, anyway, this kuih is f'ing delicious I tell you. It's  chocolate-y and very creamy... It is a very one of kind of desserts and kids love it so much.

.::Lompat Tikam::.
photo taken from Google
I don't know how to make this or imagine even how they make this but all I can you this is that this is super delish. It is sweet and it is a lil bit salty and so gooey yummy-licious. I don't know much about this thing actually. My friend is the one who introduced it to me and I'd say it is very nice. You just have to try it out.

.::Biji Nangka::.
photo taken from Google
Urrrm... This is actually a very nice food. You make this thing quite easy but takes time and a little effort.  You can make this by first mixing together tepung sagu and water in a bowl tilll it become a soft dough and then split it into three different bowls. In each bowl, place any coloring agent of your choice, it must be different for each bowl. Then start boiling a pot of water and take a teaspoon of each and drop it into the boiling water. Wait till it resurfaces and repeat the process until all of the doughs have been used. Now, the santan mixture or the sauce if you may called it. Take two box of cartoned santan and let it simmer in a pot. Pour in half a cup of sugar, one screw-pine leaf, and some jackfruit pieces into the pot and stir it all together until everything is dissolved. And then you're done. It is best served when it is chilled. It tastes like bubur cha-cha. Hahaha...

.::Badak Berendam::.
photo taken from this website
This kuih tastes like kuih koci actually but the only difference is that it is coated with santan mixture. It is gooey and a tad bit salty on the inside and very sweet in the inside. I like this kuih so much actually. It tastes yummy!!!

.::Bubur Lambuk::.
photo taken from Google
This bubur is actually a MUST have for every Bazaar Ramadhan it is only made during this fasting month. Different stalls sells different type of bubur lambuk all made unique with their own ingredients. You can also get this bubur for free from the mosque nearby your place too. To make this bubur takes quite some time and is a long process, so I'll can simplify it by saying that first you have to boil three pots with different ingredients: grain, chicken, & beans (lots of types of beans, depending on your tastes). When all of it came to boil, mix it altogether in one larger pot and just stir it all together while adding some more spices such as ketumbar, jintan, cinnamons, and blah blah blah... Add some salt and pepper for seasoning. That's basically it. This is one really fine delicacy and very delicious. I like to eat it by adding some dash of white pepper... Yum!!!

So, there you have it. My few lists of different type of rare delicacies that can be find in Bazaar Ramadhan all around Malaysia. There are a lot more out there and you just have to explore. Maybe I'll take pictures of it and make a new blog post entry about it when I have a real camera and had some money to travel. It'll probably take like, two years or something for me to be able to achieve it, but what the heck.

Thanks for reading!

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