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My Mamu's Request

Saturday, 21th August. I decided to go back to Unisel earlier one day because Mamu ( my oh-so-sporting-plus-super-sewel-like-me lecturer) had invited me to break fast with him at his place which is in Bukit Beruntung near Rawang and I said, why not. He's been my favorite lecture for quite some time already because he's as insane and as loud-mouth as I am. He's funny and very cool. Ah, enough bout him...

Anyway, and so, since I haven't slept at all that Friday night (until that Saturday morning), I decided I'll just drive over to unisel that morning and I did. Man, I was so f'ing sleepy driving at only 80-90km/h. So darn sleepy. Finally, I arrived at Taman Ilmu and unload all of my things. God, the house was in a total wreck. Not like that last time (which I fucking spent four hours cleaning all of that mess), but still, it was such in a bad condition. I said to myself, I am soooooooo not gonna clean this shit up. Because  this time I was super sleepy and tired. I unloaded all of my things, tidied my part of the bedroom and fell asleep. 

At 3pm over, I suddenly woke up because my phone was shouting... Hahahaha... Set an alarm to it so that I won't overslept. So, I got dressed and head over to Mamu's house. His house wasn't that quite far actually. I finally arrived at his house at about 4pm over. When I arrived, one of his students from UiTM was already there, cooking.

And so, while his student was cooking, I spent some time chatting with Mamu, more like gossiping actually. Hahahahahaha. And it was almost seven and another student from his previous maktab came over to break fast together.

Break-fasting time, eating as usual but, instead of more eating, there was more talking and gossiping. It was so much fun. Actually, he was planning to go to Jalan TAR to window-shop for some Baju Melayu and he didn't told me. If I knew, I would have bring another set of pretty clothes to be worn that night. Heh...

So, after break-fast we went straight to KL and to Jalan TAR.

And now I remember why I have not been shopping there for a while now. It's because of the people. So many hustling people in a crowded place. OOOOHHH I hate crowded places like this. People walking by your side langgar here, langgar there. So sempit!!! I fucking hate it.

And I hate it there because I have to be extra careful of pickpockets.... 

And who would have guessed there is such stupid fools that drive their car in this crowded place. So fucking ignorant. So stupid. And it's fucking hot there too. I was sweating like a pig.

Well, at least he was happy because he could compare some of the prices and he'll do some shopping next time he's here (which is I'm sooo not gonna join him...).

Oh weee~ Balloon man~
I don't know why the fuck did I took this picture...

At times like this you will find many Malaysian out on the streets shopping for things. Variety of faces of Malaysia... 

Anyway... after that trip to Jalan TAR, Mamu wanted to go and see some more clothes but at a different place, which is in Downtown, Cheras. But too bad for him, there was no parking space for us to occupy so that we can go to the Downtown. So, frustated we were, we went to the Ampang Point instead. Who would've guessed that Mamu used to come here a lot. I wonder if I had crossed path with him a lot of times before because me and Mira always came to Ampang Point to hangout.

We went for a drink because Mamu wanted to drink his favorite drink, Pul-T (if you're wondering what that is, it is Teh Tarik...go figure.). After we finished our drink, we head back to his house in Bukit Beruntung.

Before I went to sleep, I was watching this horror flick called The Unborn. Quite not bad actually and it is quite creepy too!

Sunday, the next day, I woke up at 2pm over and I was so clumsy packing everything up to leave and head back to Taman Ilmu.  Later on that evening... I'll tell you on the next post!


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