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Morning of Heat and Wonders

This morning was a total exhaustion. Believe me it was. For one fact, I didn't had enough sleep. And to class I went for Madam Nurainini's Material Selection & Adaption. Who would've guessed that the air-conditioner broke down in Unisel. I'm not quite sure whether if it's just our faculty or the whole Unisel but what I know of is that it is such an inconvenient thing for us students and such an in-conducive environment for any learning to take process.
(heat of the room)
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But, thank goodness, Madam Nuraini was very good in diverting all of our fatigue from fasting and the heat of the room. She was very funny as usual, mocking things about this and that, which is quite frankly, the most favorite things about her that I like.

As usual, she'll began complaining on the stupidity of teenagers or lovers nowadays which is like totally bull. What the heck is about both guys and girls evaluating other people only on the external features but not the internal. As hard as we may deny it, it's quite true. 
"Yes, we are all superficial being," 
 said Madam Nuraini, slapping reality and truth right on our faces. Yes, we may deny it that we don't care how a person looks like on the outside appearance whether he's not handsome enough or he's too fat or she's not pretty enough or she's too skinny but at the end of the day, we have to admit, everyone wanted to seek for ideal boyfriend/girlfriend which are like sex gods (totally beautiful @ handsome guy/girl with perfect body, faces & status). We tend to care on how our partner looks like and that he/she must be both beauty and brill at the same time. Get a grip! The world isn't the same if everyone is too perfect on their appearance. We'll get totally bored if everybody looks almost the same.

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She also talked about this issue where people get married and have kids but actually the husband is crazy. I know, its like WTF, right? How the hell did they get married at the first place when he is crazy? It's like, so ridiculous. Then it come to wonder that how the heck did they have sex in the first place and have kids when he is like totally loony.
"Craziness are inheritance,"
she said. And I was like........WTF???? So, she advices us again to inspect our loved ones or partner first and make sure that they are not capable of being a lunatic or a crazy mental person in the near future cause we don't want our kids to be like a total loony too. She ended that topic with,
"So, wanita-wanita Malaysia jangan kahwin dengan orang gila, ya?"

Another thing that she talked about today in the class was about education system, regarding the selection of literary components and textbooks selection. Yes, that was quite a debate about how messed up the education system is actually.The governments or the higher authority in ministry of education should have thought thoroughly on the literature work chosen for students to learn from. I mean, really, Phantom of The Opera? Cask of Amontillado? The Pearl?

They should have think thoroughly cause none of those literary work have any relations to our Malaysian context and not every student is from urban areas. How are students from rural areas are supposed to understand all of those rich language and foreign context when all they know about is Malaysian culture. It is not practical to use foreign materials to teach students, even for literature. It is best to use Malaysian context materials such as the Hang-Hang story (I'm not quite fond of history, so I don't know much), or the Sang Kancil and his friends, or even old folk lore that has something to do with Malaysia, rather than unknown foreign context.

Another issue is about the textbooks selection. Due to the capabilities of technologies right now, we are only able to produce books that are made from cutting and chopping more and more woods and forests. It is actually not quite beneficial for the country as we need our forests and mother nature to help in respiration system, just imagine, if the world has no more trees, what would we breathe from? There's no more oxygen because there's no more plants converting carbon dioxide to oxygens. But if humans were really that inconsiderate and genius, they would leave the earth and start living on Mars or any planet in the solar system since right now, they are trying to see if we can live in Mars or not.

Anyway, back to the topic, that was a lot of crap I guess. Hah, she said if in the future, if we could invent a book or and iPad or iPod or i-whatever that can substitute for books, that's be great. We would no longer have to chop down trees to make more books for education but instead, we could just use those technologies to teach. Even right now, we could say that if the school system and ministry of education isn't so dumb-dumb, we could already substitute all of those books by using our laptops or PC. But, that would make humans more lazy because instead of just writing, we'll be typing instead which is like super-lazy.

So, during all these talks about technologies and education and craps, the learning process are still going on as usual. She's very creative in coming up with examples just to make us understand, really. That is why all of these issues pop out when she's giving us examples. I wouldn't blame her really. Because of what she said, all of it were quite true and just. Unlike some lecturers that just teach for five minutes and then start telling stories of this and that, their childhood memories or what they do in college or universities, and blah blah blah. What Madam Nuraini babbles about are usually very informative and a good topic for debating (not that I want to debate with her, which will end up as me, losing...).

And all the while, we were f'ing ridiculously sweating and steaming hot inside the classroom, it was just about five minutes before she ended the class, the air-conditioner was finally functioning.... aaahh.... a brief moment of bliss....... Such calming.

Whoa, that's a lot of crap for a short and simple brief time for me to blog. Enjoy! Don't agree with me, drop a comment and I'll try to come up with  more creative ideas just to get you understand and bring you down! Hahahaha!!!

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