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Mini Surprise Birthday Party

[So, do you guys want to know what really happened?]

As soon as we arrived at the Mosque, the car was fine, Sharon was fine and everything was fine. If everything was fine, what was the problem? The problem is that the birthday girl. Ah, yes... it was Sharon's birthday that day after all. Just so you know, since it was kind of a hectic day, the birthday girl didn't get anything good on that day itself. She got stressed on assignments, pressured because she doesn't like to make people wait for her (the event of where we were waiting for her at the CIMB Bank), and she was utterly gloomed because while she was rushing to us while we were waiting for her at the bank, a car hit hers from the back, leaving a scratch.

Who wouldn't get pressured or tensed over all of this troublesome things? I know I'd be in total despair of frustration. So, Amy told us that they were hoping that the dinner would actually lasts longer. She thought that they would just go to the mosque to do the prayer for only a little while and they would come join us again at the restaurant and hang out some more but since we already left, she didn't know how to cheer Sharon up. 

Then it strike me, that we should do a mini surprise birthday party for her. So, I planned it with both Amy and Faiz. We let the girls go back home to Taman Ilmu first while Faiz, Adi, and I would go to the Secret Recipe outlet nearby and bought a cake with my balance money. We bought a Chocolate Indulgence because Amy told us that Sharon loooooooves chocolate. The cake was RM75 in total but I don't mind and we split paying the cake between all three of us.

So, everything went according to plan. They went home to Taman Ilmu and Adi dropped both Faiz and I at our Faculty because we had this TESL Club proposal meeting. Once the meeting was over, we quickly called Adi to pick us up again and execute the birthday plan. 

And it worked!

Sharon was speechless because she was already upset about her birthday turn out to be one unfortunate day. But she looked happy and touched because she really didn't expect that we had planned to throw this party. Although it was a mini party, it was still fun though. 

All of us were like laughing and talking, and then we requested that Sharon took out her guitar and the guys started to play songs. We were singing together, enjoying the time and the company. I was super happy too. It was really not a major party or even a formal the usual surprise birthday party (all we had was just one cake and 4 big bottles of carbonated drink). It was really simple, but as long as everyone was happy and having fun, that's more than enough for me.

When it gets later, I started thinking of asking Ezyan and Sharon to do some dance, but Sharon refused time after times saying that she was a 'kayu'. She doesn't know how to dance. Hahahahaha!! So cute! But instead, I went inside their house and had a little dancing practice session with Ezyan. She taught me some of the moves from Korean songs and man, she was super good! Her moves are very well co-ordinated and well done. I was sweating like a pig that night, trying to catch up with her by following the dance moves.

But, for what it's worth, it was fun. Really.

Happy Birthday, Sharon Bentley!!!!!

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