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Just Us Three

I was really not in a good mood and I was sorting things in my lappy when I suddenly came across these pictures. OH, such great memories.

Myra, Wani, do you still remember this picture? We took it using the On9 Cyber Cafe Webcam. I remember we were trying to prove whose teeth is whiter and brighter. We were so 'gedik' that time and we would do almost everything together. We were so close and so comfortable with each other that boyfriends don't really matter as long as we had fun. We spent almost everyday together.

We would go to the cyber cafe to surf the internet. At that time, Myspace was still a big hit thing and we would spend hours in the cyber cafe, updating our profile, changing it to make it look stylish or attractive, checking and replying messages, commenting others non-stop, upload new pictures, and sometimes just surfing the net looking for guys... hahaha

Or, we would go to Times Square every single day. Whether it is to catch some flicks or even just hang out and checking out other teenagers. We would only bring RM20 in our wallet cause that is all we need. The bus fare from our place will only costs about RM1 for each trip forth and back. And we would usually just eats at a maple which will costs us like RM3 or RM5 max or if we have extra money, we'd go to the McDonald. And the rest of the money would be use to watch movies or buy things that we could afford. It was so much fun doing it every single day that it became a routine for us. I still remember that if we went there, we'd have to arrived home before 7pm because Wani's mother would nag at her for coming home late (near Maghrib). Oh, I miss our times together.

Looking at that picture, I remembered that I used to be quite slim before. Now, look at me. Chubby as hell. I really need to cut down on the fats and tone my body size down...

I remember that this picture was taken during SPM. We had just finished our exam papers and was lingering around the school ground. I still remember that all three of us weren't that close as we are right now. Well, me, exactly. I wasn't quite close to both of you that time even though we're in the same class. I was much closer to my chinese friend, Chee Wai Kee and Han Wai Teng. Actually, I spend most of the days at school with both of them. I wasn't close to the malay guys and girls because all they do is insult me and tease me for being a sissy. I'm really not that much of a sissy actually. I was just a tad bit perky and girlish. Hey, I was born that way, okay.

A little story when I was in secondary school (Form 4 & 5, to be exact). I was really a geek or a nerd. I was quite anti-social and not amongst the popular ones. I would stick to my own clique spend times with them. I would eat alone at the canteen during recess. I would spend most of the time the class drawing pictures more than talking to others. But I am also kind of an all-rounder. At times, I would go around from classmates to classmates, chatting and joking with them. And sometimes I would go right in front of the class (when the teacher was absent) and did the hangman game. Whoever gets it right, I'll give them RM1. No, I'm not that rich that I'd be spending my money like that, it's just that I just love seeing so many people having fun together and during that time, there will be no individuals being left out. All of them played together, having fun.

 I would spend my time in class doing three things; sleeping at the back (my desk was at the back row of the class), laughing and joking with two of my crazy friend, Kok Ivan and Arvin Kumar (they like to tease me a lot but we end up laughing together and make so much noise in the class), and simply working on a new poem (I've told you that I'm also a poet, didn't I?). I was actually a very friendly and happy-go-lucky person when I was at school. I'm not giving myself credit for nothing here okay? Lots of my friends at school said so. Even the teachers. I was never gloomy or sad at school. I would always smile and laugh all the time. I missed that part of me, really. Nowadays, I can't bring myself to become like that anymore. Seriously, I missed being that person.

So, back to the topic. Yes, I used to do those things before I met both Myra and Wani. Even when school was almost over, I did all those things too, it's just that I have new friends that I can call my best friends.

It was actually after school was finally over and we were waiting for our results to come out, that I got close to both of them. We would spend so much time together.

This picture was taken when school was over and we were waiting for our results to come out. After Myra got back from PLKN to be exact. While waiting for the results to come out, Myra got sent to PLKN in Sarawak. Wani and I, work part times at the UM as an exam attendant instead. During that time, I bonded with Wani so much more since we spent every day together working. She also lived in the same neighborhood as I am, so meeting each other was not a problem.

When Myra got back from PLKN, we continued spending time each day together. Not even a single day I got bored for being with them. They really were my missing puzzle piece in the word FRIENDS. Then the first intake of local universities arrived. Both Wani and I applied for UPU but nothing came through, so we're stuck not having to further our study. Myra on the other hand applied at the PTPL College and made it. 

So, Myra got quite apart from us that time, spending only weekends with us. While Myra was busy in college, both Wani and I still continued our routine of going out to Times Square, only that it was less enjoyable because we weren't complete. A couple weeks later, both of us received this letter of invitation to do Form 6. Wani decided to go for it while I didn't because I didn't think I could make it. But, I went off to this 40 day Tabligh dakwah instead and I was separated with both of them once more. After the 40 day was over, I got offered to work as a PKS (Pekerja Khidmat Singkat) at the APMM (Angkatan Persekutuan Maritim Malaysia) in Putrajaya. Once more, all three of us were kind of separated, meeting only once in a while when we're not busy. Myra with her college assignments, Wani with her Form 6 life and new friends, and me, working at the APMM. 

After approximately two months and over, I tried applying Diploma in TESL during the december intake in Unisel and I got it. But I was offered for Foundation in TESL instead. To my surprise, Wani had applied for ID (Interior Designing) at UiTM and she got it too. And once more, all three of us separated. All three of us are finally furthering our study into higher education.

And that is why I'm here, now, in Unisel, doing my B. Ed. (HONS) TESL. I'll be finishing this course by the end of next year, Wani had finished her diploma earlier this year, while Myra had finished hers last year and now working under a fashion company called The Executive as a retail officer. I'm proud of her, and recently, she attended her graduation ceremony (I'm so terribly sorry to her because I couldn't attend her graduation ceremony because I had class that day itself). I'm so proud of being her friend. Now, I'll wait for Wani to become successful and hope that I'll be able to attend her graduation ceremony.

I love these two best 'gedik' friend so much that I don't think no one can replace them. Though at times we fought and had misunderstanding, we would always came through and be together again. Though we maybe separated at times, we would always find a way to get together and have fun like we always do. Though we may grow up and lose our sense of fun and childishness, we would always know how to enjoy each other's company and smile together. I love you guys, I really really do. You guys are the best bitch friend that I ever had. Please stay with me always...

Engkau jatuh, kami bangunkan
Engkau bersedih, kami ceriakan
Engkau gembira, kami lagi suka
Engkaulah kawanku, 
yang aku sayang...

p/s: I'm shivering in tears when I wrote this posts. I really did. I missed you guys. I love you guys and I really treasure our friendship.

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  1. ami..
    cdey plak aku bace..
    thankz fren..


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