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Going back on first weekend of fasting

Last Friday, I decided to go back home in Ampang because it's the first weekend of fasting month. And I decided to hitch a ride from Fifie to go back. Boy, it was super raining on our way back. As we reached in KL, there was major traffic jam which got us stuck in it for almost two hour. Gaaah, I was super tired because I had to switch gears from one to two, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat....

So, as we finally reached my house, I dropped off all of my things and continued journey to send Fifie back home and I'll be going back home via LRT.

Since it was already almost time for break-fasting, we decided to break-fast first before heading back home. And as we talked and talked about ideal break-fasting location, Wendy's came into our topic of conversation. As I had never eaten at Wendy's before, so I  said, why not! So we head to Wendy's for our break-fasting location. She said the nearest Wendy's to her house is in IOI mall.

It was my first time going there too. Geez... I really need to explore more places!!!

So, bought kind of a lot of things for break-fasting, (tak ikut nafsu okay?!) But I bought lots of things just because I wanted to try it out.

I bought these double cheeseburger, a Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad, a chicken burger (which only cost me like RM1) and a Broc & Cheese Baked Potato.

Guess that was kinda a lot for me to eat and it's true. I only managed to finish my Broc & Cheese Baked Potato and half of the Salad and I'm already super full! So, that left those two burgers to be eaten at home.

And I found out my favorite thing in Wendy's : the Broc & Cheese Baked Potato. 

The crunchiness of the broccolis and the super hot-melting cheddar cheese on the soft and tender baked potato is like heaven! Really yummy!

Thanks Fifie for introducing Wendy's to me.

After that dinner, we dropped by Bukit Jalil LRT Station so that I can go home. So, that's basically it! My journey back home on the first weekend of fasting month. A total of 4 hours driving (2 from Unisel to KL and almost 2 from my house, to Puchong, IOI, and finally to Bukit Jalil LRT Station), a super-meal at Wendy's, bought some clothes at this shop in IOI, and finally a trip back to my house riding the LRT. Arrived home at about 10.30pm over. Got back, took a shower and was almost ready to fell on the bed and sleep but then Mira called me. 

Instead of going to sleep, I went out with Mira and hangout with her at Tanjung. There was Afif and Ber too (our school's classmates). We chatted and reminiscing of old and not-so-old times and laughed about it a lot. I also bought this super-delicious satay there which I had never tried before. I ordered a total of 20 sticks and guessed how much it costs me? A freaking RM14! I was super-shocked when I heard it.....

Walaweeeiii, satay in KL is already 70cent a stick aarrr?? Cekik darah betol! In unisel is still 50cent or 40cent..... Geeezzz....

By the way, I was actually hoping to extend the night out until sahur time but I was totally drained and finally decided to hit the bed. So, I left early at almost 3am and sleep. 

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