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Fighting Umbrella Corporation


Personally I would prefer Claire since she has been my all time favorite character in the Resident Evil's games since PSone. But in this case of the movie that Milla Jovovich is staring as Alice again, I would pick Alice. Here goes nothing.

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After we found out that the safe haven in Los Angeles was actually a big deadly trap. I come up with a plan to finally unleash my anger and fury to the Umbrella Corporation itself. I can no longer take it. So, with the help of Claire and the other surviving members, we infiltrate the Umbrella Corporation headquarters itself when they have the least expectation or knowledge of our existence. They are hiding from this massive zombies outburst by taking refugee underground. This will make it easier for us to deal with only the Umbrella Corporation only without having to worry about those zombies up on the grounds.

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Sneaked in and first of all, the root of all those zombies, the scientists who made the virus. Take the stairs or climb outside through the walls towards the laboratory where they conduct all these experiments using this infectious virus. I would not kill the scientists first but demand from them the virus's core matter to be taken to my scientist friend. Once the scientists had given cooperation and given us the whole documents that contribute to the creation of the virus, I will kill him.  He will help coming up with a vaccine to help us become immune to the infections. This vaccine can be created and manipulate its effect by extracting some of my blood and synthetically fuse them together to create a vaccine or rather a blood serum that will boosts my comrade strength's and ability. While he was working on with neutralizing the virus making it another diabolical weapon to kill those zombies instantly, we will continue our infiltration to the building. 

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Now that the scientists are eliminated, we have no further concerns about more zombies being created. Moving on, disposing of all the guards. On this kind of occasion, I love deploying traps that will kill them instantly. Nothing too major or too noisy like bombs or guns (well, except for mute-guns). But, we need to hurry so, mute-guns are the best. I'll make sure to aim directly at the head so that they will die instantly and without a fuss. Taking out all the guards from the lower floor until the top floor. While we're on it, I planted some detonator nuclear-infused bombs while we're climbing towards the top.

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As we finally reached to the top, I'll quickly jump over any guards that is protecting the president of the corporation while evading most of the bullets and with some backup-fire from my friends to drive their attention away, killing them in the process and grab the president in a lock. Extract any information from him about how did he come up with this crazy zombie infection virus and why did he do it? To attain supremacy over the worlds? To destroy the world? Once we learned of his motive, it is way too valuable to kill him at that instant but we'll take him with us and let him feel a supreme torture that will make him suffer. Mwaahahahahahahaha!!!! *sinister evil laugh*

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So, that is basically it. What would happen if I was Alice and going against the Umbrella corporation. At least this is the sum of what I imagined in my head. If I were to write it down, part where I kill all the guards and torturing the president would have been longer. But, that will only confuse you readers when there's too many words describing an action. It is way better to see the action than reading the action.

original photo taken from Photobucket

So, I guess that's it. Thank you Nuffnang, again for giving me an opportunity to enter this contest!


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