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Evening in Kajang

Wednesday, 18th August. Acap, Faiz and I had planned to watch The Expendables today at the Jusco Cheras Selatan at night time. So, after some time and setting discussion, I come up with an idea of crashing over at Acap's house since he doesn't mind and since I don't want to be all hectic and rushing to drive here and there because if I use my mom's car, I had to rush to send her to work in the morning and then go out with them, rush over to mom at 4pm to pick her up from work and then rush back to them at night to watch the movie and then rush back home in the morning so that she can send my lil bro to school........So, I hate rushing and running on a hectic time-restricted schedule. I like to go out and have no limitations or time-restrictions, it's totally boring...... So, we come up with the idea of me crashing over at Acap's house instead.

So, they came to pick me up at my house in Ampang at 3.30pm over. I told them that I need to go to Pandan Kapital to pay my broadband's bill and they don't mind. So, off to the Pandan Kapital we went. After I finished my little business there, we head back to Kajang.

As we reached to Kajang, they told me that they were going to the town to pickup Faiz's glasses. I wanted to go to the Bazaar Ramadhan instead. So, they dropped me at the Bazaar nearby to Acap's house to shop while they head to town.

So, there I was, alone, at this unknown place... heh. Hahaha, it's not like I've never been to anywhere unknown to me alone. Done that lots of time, cause I love to explore. And I just love trying out new things. That's a fact about me, my dear friends. I just love exploring and trying out things I've never done before. I love exploring places I've never been and I just love walking alone while doing it. I've done it several times when I was in the Kuala Lumpur city itself. I walked through the Central Market until Times Square and through Pavillion and finally reached to KLCC, walking alone. I don't know why but that's a habit of mine. I like taking long walks while exploring new things.

So, I was wondering about the foods that I can find here in this Bazaar. I was wondering whether they've got anything that I've never seen before and it did. I was super excited and wanted to take lots of picture of it but since I was alone and had no cover to snap some photos, I just snapped like a few only. But here are some things that strike me fancy since I've never seen them before.


~Durian Juice~

Whoa, this is my first time seeing this delicacy. A juice made from Durian. I was actually wondering how it would taste and so I bought a packet of it. To my surprise, it tastes exactly like Durian though. Like a Durian Ice Cream to be precise. It is sweet though but definitely not to my liking. It just strikes me odd.

Anyway, moving on.

~Putu Buluh~

I've never seen this delicacy before but I could guess that it tastes almost the same as Putu Piring and I was right. It does tastes exactly like Putu Piring only with a different shape. Ah well, at least it looked different and caught my attention.

Well, the rest of it are like most common foods you can found in some Bazaar. Such things like,

~Sup Gearbox~

~Ayam Golek~

~Ayam Panggang Madu~

~Kepak Ayam Madu~

There are more shops but I just took this much picture because like I told you, I was kinda embarrassed to snap lots of pic when I don't have company. Just imagine, I'm not buying anything at the stall but I'm busy snapping photos of their food. Wouldn't that be weird. Even for some of these photos, I had to buy them myself then I had the opportunity to snap some photos of it.

After some shopping at the Bazaar, I waited in front of Acap's house which is actually not that far. Really, not that far. So, after a couple of minutes, Acap finally came back and we went inside his house.

At 7.30pm, I break-fasted with Acap and his mother, who is quite not bad. She's very friendly and nice. Now I understand where Acap practices his English whenever he's at home. His mother speaks English to him even in normal daily conversation, just like my mom. After break-fasting, Acap took a shower while I was updating my previous blog post entry and by the time he's over it was almost 8.30pm, time to go to Jusco Cheras Selatan.

We picked up Faiz at his house and then we went straight ahead to the Jusco Cheras Selatan. We went to the TGV Cinema and as devastated as we could be, The Expendables was sold out already. Bummer! So, we decided to go with Salt. I thought to myself, hey, maybe tonight was my lucky night as I finally be able to watch that Salt movie which I was hoping to watch so many times before. We bough the ticket and the screening was at 10.55pm. So, it was still early and we had some time to leisure around. 

We stopped by at PDI because Faiz wanted to buy a shirt and it I bought a shirt for myself too. After that little side-shopping, we head to McDonald because Faiz had a craving for the Double Grilled Chicken Burger a.k.a. DGCB since last Monday. And we had our little extra dinner. With me buying a GCB for myself too...

As usual, talking while eating and laughing over stupid things...!

After that extra dinner, we took some puff and then went inside to watch the movie.
(I'll write my comments on the next post)

So, after the movie, we left Jusco Cheras Selatan and went to Faiz and Acap's favorite mapley spot and talked about the movie itself. After some time discussing and everything, we finally decide to hit back home after a quick trip to the CIMB Bank in the Kajang town because Acap wanted to do a check deposit.

And that's basically the end of my first evening in my trip to Kajang (Acap's house specifically). 


  1. Wow, sedap wei makanan kat situ. Satay Kajang je tak nampak :).

  2. Urm, yeah. They weren't that bad. It's good really. Uh, Satay Kajang...
    I wonder when I'll have a tastes of the real and actualy Satay Kajang. Besides the Haji Sahmuri ones.


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