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Delicacies in Malaysia (Part 1)

Here it is again, the fasting month has arrived. What do fasting means for some of us? For the Malay Muslims, it is a month where had to learn to control our lust and desire for anything that we don't really need according to our religion. For the non-muslims, I just found out yesterday that they too awaits the fasting month. Do you know why? It's because they can eat many things. They call it the month of feasting. Because almost everyday, the Bazaar Ramadhan sells lots and lots of food everywhere and they are many varieties too. 

There's just soooooo many things you can buy at the Bazaar Ramadhan.
During this time, all the delicacies of Malaysia will be displayed all around the country, in every state, in every district, in every region, in almost every area. Some common ones that have been the most famous are like the TTDI Bazaar, the Paya Jaras Bazaar, and many more. Each one of these bazaars hold many stalls and merchants selling all these varieties of food which mostly never comes out into the public's eye unless it's the fasting month.

Yes, guys, some of these foods that were sold during the Bazaar Ramadhan rarely ever comes out on your normal Night Bazaar. Some of it never did, only were sold during the fasting month. And some of it are sold more than they normally do.

So, come my friend, let's have a look-see on our rare delicacies that is sold more in the Bazaar Ramadhan.

.::Roti Jala::.
credit to Google for the picture

this thing is super delish if the curry tastes good and fits perfectly with the roti jala. Make sure if you're going to buy this, pick the stall that sells the most delicious curry gravy.

credit to Google for the picture

This murtabak is made from either chicken or beef filling, mixed with some ingredients such as spices and then wrapped in an egg wrap. Well, sometimes people uses rice papers but it is commonly wrap using egg mixture.This Murtabak is usually serve eaten either with a tangy shallot dip or beef curry. I like eating the murtabak with the shallot dip because it's sweet and sour and tangy all at the same time. 

.::Ayam Percik::.
credit to Google for the picture

I don't know about you guys but Ayam percik has always been a favorite of mine, not because of the tenderness of the chicken meat but the flavor that coated the chicken and its tasty sauce. Ayam Percik is prepared by marinating spices and ingredients on the chicken meats, set aside, and then grilled over fire until it's cook. Then it is coated and bathe a special sauce. Each stall make their own sauce, so there is individuality for each merchant. Each of them tastes and looked different. You'll just have to taste it to know the difference.

credit to Google for the picture

Aside from Ayam Percik, the only chicken dish that ever blew me out into kingdom come is Satay! I'm such a satay-lover. Seriously. I love Satay so much. So what is it about Satay that drove me so crazy over them? Satay have an actual method of cooking like the Ayam Percik but what differentiate them is that Satay is quite smaller and the marinated ingredients are being absorbed much more when the substance is in small pieces unlike Ayam Percik which is quite large. SO, the marinated flavor gets into the meat much easier thus when the satay is cooked, you can taste the flavor of the ingredients even in just one bite. Satay come in usually two types ; chicken or beef. But nowadays, there more types being sold in the market, such as; mutton, rabbits & liver. I guess I'll just stick to chicken though.

.::Tepung Pelita::.
credit to Google for the picture

Now, this is a must have. This kueh is very delish, I tell ya! I don't know how it is made but I could guess that the white layer on top is made with santan and flour (I guess), and the bottom green layer is made with flour, sugar, and pandan essence (another guess). All I can tell you is that you just have to taste it! It's really delish! A must have for desserts.

Hmmm, that is just some of the delicacies that you can find in the Bazaar Ramadhan. There's a whole lot more. I guess I'll save it for next post okay??? Wait for it, loves~

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