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A Day before Fasting

this is what happened yesterday, one day before fasting month begin. Since today was the first day of fasting and yesterday was the only chance left to go out and have an all out-eating moments, I wanted to go and have a big eating session somewhere. After a little bit discussion this-and-that we decided to hit Pizza Hut!!!

After ordering some foods, we were kind of bored waiting for the foods to come. Yona then took my phone and went to the toilet area. I was kind of wondering what is she going to do with my phone and when I went there, it turns out to be,

she was CAMWHORING!!!
here's a compilation of what she took.

Not many minutes later, Fiffie then came to join the fray... hahahaha

And this is what they took :

After seeing so much fun camwhoring, and I myself haven't been camwhoring for quite a while... I joined them too... Ahakz!

Here are the pictures that we took :

It was so much fun. I haven't done that for quite a looooooong time.
After we finished camwhoring, we finally sat down at our table and not too long waiting, our foods arrived.

*best face expression ever*

*worst face expression ever*

*can't wait to gob all that pizza into her mouth!*

We had so much fun eating and talking and laughing together.
Here's the most funny thing that happened during eating (after the incident where Faiz *tuuuuut* and Yona realizes it and shout "Faiz *tuuuuuuuut*!!! X senonoh!"

Yona was telling a story and then came this stupid but funny moment where when she mentioned "BESARNYA", she spread her arms wide open, intentionally hitting Faiz in his face.\

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