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Break-fasting with Mamu at Old Town

Sunday, 22nd August. This is right after I went back home to Taman Ilmu from Mamu's house. To my surprise, right when everybody finally came back, he called Pejal and asked us to come to Rawang and break-fast together. God, I had just got back from there and he called back to go there back again?? Gah, I was super tired!

Thank goodness there was Afiq (driving Widad's car) and Mien (driving his own car). Both of them took all eight of us, 

Mien, Zul, Faizal & Ayie (Mien's car)
Afiq, Widad, Faiz & Me (Widad's car)

There was a lil bit complication in choosing where to break-fast and finally we decided to go to Old Town. Yay for me!! Mamu didn't want to eat there because he heard of this ridiculous rumor of 'katak dlm sup'. Ah, I'm not gonna let that destroy my favorite dining area. Ayie didn't want to McDonald when I suggested it. So, finally, Old Town it is.

As we arrived there, we quickly ordered our foods.

Ordering the foods took us quite some time. Because most of them rarely eats there including Mamu. So there was a lil bit of time-consuming talk for foods selection

Look at ayie's expression. So, priceless! Anyway, we ordered some foods and both Ayie and Faiz did this eating contest where they both ordered a total of four foods. Hungry much?! Hahaha!! Actually, it was a lil bit time-consuming because most of the items we ordered are not being prepared because out of stock, so we took quite a time re-selecting our food. Damn it, why did this outlet of Old Town sucks so much. They didn't even have my favorite Chicken Hor Fun. They didn't have quite a lot of things actually. Most of us had to re-select over and over because they didn't have quite a lot of things. So stupid!

And the food took quite some time to arrive too! Even drinks too! I really don't think that preparing drinks could take so much time. Even when the Azan sounded, there was half of the drinks are not being served, so we end up sharing some of the drinks. After some time, our foods finally arrived. But not all of it because there was this stupid waiter that didn't checked the items being ordered to the cashier and was not being ordered. So, half of our foods didn't being served just because the order wasn't being checked. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! 

So, finally all of our foods finally arrived.

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ramadhan Special (Afiq's)

Hot & Spicy Chicken Rice (Mien's & Widad's)

Minced Chicken With Flavored Rice (Faiz's)

Old Town Curry Mee (Faizal's & Mamu's)

Old Town French Toast (Mine)

Soft Boiled Omega Eggs (Mine)

And so, we began to eat.

Afiq, reciting the doa buka puasa.


And it's the usual TALWE for us.

After break-fasting, Mamu invited all of us to his house and we accepted the invitation. So, once again I went to his house. I went to the kitchen and helped with serving the others, frying nuggets while Faiz was chopping pineapples and sengkuang. The others were watching football. After some time, half of us (Afiq, Widad, Faiz and I) went back because Afiq had a group discussion with Liyana's group. The rest stayed watching the game between Fulham VS Manchester United which scored 2-2. Hah.... footballs and guys...

So, that's basically it. Enjoy reading and drooling over those food pictures.. Hahahaha. Thanks for reading!!

p/s : Sorry for the bad grammar and english because right now when I'm typing this, so many mosquitos are biting me here and there and I couldn't concentrate!!!

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