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Break-fasting with late dad's family

Saturday, 14th August. Since I went to sleep late the night before (refer to previous post), I woke up late at about 4pm or so. That was way major late. Ahahahahaha. So, quickly I took a shower and went outside, took my mom's car and went to the saloon nearby my house. What am I doing there, you ask? To get my hair straightened of course, what else?

these kind of hair isn't me-material!

Yes, I know, my hair is short, but that doesn't keep me from getting all messy and fussy about how my hair looks like. Because of it is short, I had to waste actually more time setting my hair every single time I want to go out rather than my longer hair. With my longer hair, it's either a side-swept comb or just pull-down-fringe comb. But with this short hair, I had to fix it here and there, trying to stick it up here and there, make sure it's even on both sides and blah blah blah... Tiring! I seriously don't want to be like those other guys that spends like tons of time in front of the mirror trying to get their hair done. Like, eeeewww.....even girls don't take that much time.

it is super hard to style this up-spike hair, ya know?

So, I went to the saloon and get my hair straightened and layered at the front, so that I can style a wee bit, but honestly, I don't style my hair, I just comb and let it fall where it wants to. Well, at least now that I've gotten my hair straightened, it's much lighter and less messier and air-ier (my hair is kembang-type, okay?).

Anyway, back to the main event.

On that fortunate evening itself, I had organized a break-fasting event with my late dad's family. You know, since my father passed away, I rarely see them anymore. It's like, after he passed away, it felt like the whole blood ties and connection is gone but I don't want to feel like that and that is why I had been working so hard in gathering everyone in Facebook and trying to get us together like we used. My effort was actually not in vain as most of my late father's siblings also missed me and my family. So, in order to make everyone gather and get together like we all used to, I decided to organize a break-fasting together event in Langat (unofficially laa... not those official event thingy... that is way too complicated for me!).

As I had mentioned before, I went to get my hair straightened. By the time I'm done, it's already 6.20pm. I rushed back home, get changed and was about to just left (oh yeah, forgot to tell you, my mom and my lil monyetz could not come with me to Langat because my mom's siblings also decided to get together and break-fast together too. Aiyoooh, so, I had to go Langat alone. But it's okay.) suddenly my aunties were calling me, angrily saying, why did you organize a break-fasting even with my Langat family on the first weekend of puasa. They said I should've organize it on the second or third weekend. Whatevers...

So, there I was getting lectured and all, the time is already 6.30pm and I was super scared that I coudn't make it in time and so I just left while they were still ber-leter-ing.... ugghh... I can't afford to waste any more time because I'm afraid that I might be stuck in traffic jams which are uncalled for. And so I sped off. Up the hills and driving as fast as I can, finally reaching there at 6.50pm over. Wow, even I couldn't believe myself, that was fast. I was so sure that I took quite a time driving up the hills but, eh, well, as long as I arrived there in time.

I was super glad that I'm not late and as it turns out to be, I'm the third party to make it there. The first was Pak Nonon's family and second was Pakdik's family. I went to the kitchen and greet with Makngah and her family including Kak Jill's and her family too. And as I was sitting at the couch relaxing, then came Acik Nana's family. All of the siblings were complete except for Aiman which has left to study in Cairo, Egypt. That, I do not wish to talk about. Anyway, as I was chatting with Hariz for the mean time, then came Paklong's family along with Kak Shiela and her husband and her baby and also Pak Nawar and Acik Ana too. Crap, I've forgotten to invited them but thank goodness that Paklong had invited them along too. So, back to waiting and chatting, Hariz told me that Pakcik Sahak's family couldn't make it because they were on their way to Johor themselves to break-fast with the other family. And so, as I was caught up chatting with Hariz, some of the uncles and aunties scold me for forgetting to invite Pakbang's family, Abang Ayie's family, and Pak Uda's family too. It's not like I've forgotten them, I just don't have their contact numbers. So I can only invite those who I can reach, you should call them if you have their numbers or anything. So, they called Abang Ayie and he said he couldn't make it, Pakbang also said he's working so he can't come and that left Pak Uda's family which nobody has their contacts because we have been quite distant with them. Miscommunication.

Anyway, the last one to come was Anjang's family. And not that long after they came, the azan sounded and it was break-fasting time.

Gosh, it really does felt like old times. Eating together, all of us, talking and enjoying the meal together. It was super fun. It's like nothing ever changed, but it did. Well, I hope everything will always be fine and no matter what happened, we can always call and rely on each other.

After eating, everybody took turns to do Maghrib prayer. And by the time everyone was done, it was almost time for Isyak prayer. For Isyak prayer, we prayed together with everyone including the Sunat Terawih 8 Rakaat and Witir 3 Rakaat. After prayer, everyone sat down and chatted while eating some of the Raya cookies that both Anjang and I bought from Acik Nadia. It was not bad. Perhaps I'll help her advertise some of those cookies... Ehehehe~

this house hasn't been this crowded since a long time!!!

It was 11pm over and everyone was ready to head back. I decided to took a pit stop at Anjang's because I had never seen her new house and she invited me. Hang out at her house for a while, talking about my mom and everything. After a while, I finally head back home.

That was fun. I'll be waiting for Eid Al Mubarak event for one of this moments again. Wait, am I supposed to plan for that one too? Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thnx ami for organize the breakfasting last weekend..about the Eid Mubarak u can do it wat..hehehe


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