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Break-fasting at Kenny Rogers Roaster

Finally, after a couple of days past, I get the chance to break-fast with my best gedix friend, Mira. I was telling here that I don't want to break-fast at any of the common Bermuda fast food (McDonald, KFC & Pizza Hut) because I'm seriously bored with it already. And so, I said, "let's go somewhere we never went".

There was this huge dilemma for me to think where to eat and finally I picked, Kenny Rogers Roaster. Why? Because I haven't been there for ages and the last time I went there was like two years ago.

At 6.10pm she picked me up at my house and we went to the nearest Kenny's outlet, which is near to Ampang Point. There was no problem finding a parking space this time because most of the people went back home to break-fast with their family. We entered the place it was already 6.40pm over. The waiter asked us if we wanted to make a reservation first and then come back but since it's already almost time to break-fast, we decided to just stay there and wait. The waiter attending us is actually quite freaky, almost retarded. I know, that's bad for me to say that but it's quite true. He seems like a retarded person with his large body and small squeaky voice. Gah, it's super annoying.

Anyway, since the last time I went here was ages ago, I didn't know that now they did the menu thingy which is quite new for me because I thought all we need to go is line up at the food counter and pick what we wanted and they'll serve it up for us. So, I was having some difficulty finding what to eat.

After some dilly-dallying and thinking... I finally decided what to eat. And so, we waited for our foods to arrive.

And finally, the first batch of dish arrived,

The F&N Strawberry drinks that we ordered.

Our selected Chocolate and Vanilla Muffins

Boy, they served us the muffins quite early and I can't resists the smell of the muffins. Damn, I was holding out my breath not trying to smell the muffins so much. Temptations was really hard to resists!!! Arrrgghh!!! But thank goodness, just a couple of minutes later, the Azan sounded and I finally be able to munch and gobble those muffins. And then came our main course. The Quarter Set Meal, which consists of a quarter chicken of our selected flavor that comes with three side dish of our choice. I ordered :

A quarter of Black Pepper seasoned chicken with Potato Salad, Olive and Parsley Potato, and Mac & Cheese as a side dish.

Mira, on the other hand, ordered :

A quarter of Black Pepper seasoned chicken with Fruit Salad, Garden Pasta Salad, and Mac & Cheese as a side dish.

I also ordered :

A Chicken Macaroni & Cheese just to try it out.

And so, the feasting ceremony began!

It's the usual, TALWE (talking and laughing while eating) for us.

Comments on the food? Huurrm........ the chicken is as nice as I could remember, I guess..... The Mac & Cheese however were a tad bit disappointing. I couldn't even tastes the cheese so much. It's more like the Macaroni being boiled with normal water and serve with just melted cheese instead of the actualy Mac & Cheese. Whether the side dish or the actual dish that I ordered as an extra. The potato salad was just peachy.  But I'd give more credit on the Olive & Parsley Potato as it tastes good. I'm loving it so much that I almost didn't want to touch my Potato Salad. Mira on the other hand said that the Fruit Salad was really disappointing. The fruits aren't so fresh and there aren't many varieties of fruit in it. The Garden Pasta salad was also disappointing, she said. It didn't tastes like what always ordered. bleeh... but the Muffins were good though. They're warm and soft. And really tasty too. I'm usually not a fan of their muffins but this time, I like it.

Since the extra Chicken Macaroni & Cheese that I ordered also wasn't delighting, I couldn't finish it.

Such a waste. I asked the waiter to wrap it up as a takeaway for me to eat later for supper.

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