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Just Us Three

I was really not in a good mood and I was sorting things in my lappy when I suddenly came across these pictures. OH, such great memories.

Myra, Wani, do you still remember this picture? We took it using the On9 Cyber Cafe Webcam. I remember we were trying to prove whose teeth is whiter and brighter. We were so 'gedik' that time and we would do almost everything together. We were so close and so comfortable with each other that boyfriends don't really matter as long as we had fun. We spent almost everyday together.

We would go to the cyber cafe to surf the internet. At that time, Myspace was still a big hit thing and we would spend hours in the cyber cafe, updating our profile, changing it to make it look stylish or attractive, checking and replying messages, commenting others non-stop, upload new pictures, and sometimes just surfing the net looking for guys... hahaha

Or, we would go to Times Square every single day. Whether it is to catch some flicks or even just hang out and checking out other teenagers. We would only bring RM20 in our wallet cause that is all we need. The bus fare from our place will only costs about RM1 for each trip forth and back. And we would usually just eats at a maple which will costs us like RM3 or RM5 max or if we have extra money, we'd go to the McDonald. And the rest of the money would be use to watch movies or buy things that we could afford. It was so much fun doing it every single day that it became a routine for us. I still remember that if we went there, we'd have to arrived home before 7pm because Wani's mother would nag at her for coming home late (near Maghrib). Oh, I miss our times together.

Looking at that picture, I remembered that I used to be quite slim before. Now, look at me. Chubby as hell. I really need to cut down on the fats and tone my body size down...

I remember that this picture was taken during SPM. We had just finished our exam papers and was lingering around the school ground. I still remember that all three of us weren't that close as we are right now. Well, me, exactly. I wasn't quite close to both of you that time even though we're in the same class. I was much closer to my chinese friend, Chee Wai Kee and Han Wai Teng. Actually, I spend most of the days at school with both of them. I wasn't close to the malay guys and girls because all they do is insult me and tease me for being a sissy. I'm really not that much of a sissy actually. I was just a tad bit perky and girlish. Hey, I was born that way, okay.

A little story when I was in secondary school (Form 4 & 5, to be exact). I was really a geek or a nerd. I was quite anti-social and not amongst the popular ones. I would stick to my own clique spend times with them. I would eat alone at the canteen during recess. I would spend most of the time the class drawing pictures more than talking to others. But I am also kind of an all-rounder. At times, I would go around from classmates to classmates, chatting and joking with them. And sometimes I would go right in front of the class (when the teacher was absent) and did the hangman game. Whoever gets it right, I'll give them RM1. No, I'm not that rich that I'd be spending my money like that, it's just that I just love seeing so many people having fun together and during that time, there will be no individuals being left out. All of them played together, having fun.

 I would spend my time in class doing three things; sleeping at the back (my desk was at the back row of the class), laughing and joking with two of my crazy friend, Kok Ivan and Arvin Kumar (they like to tease me a lot but we end up laughing together and make so much noise in the class), and simply working on a new poem (I've told you that I'm also a poet, didn't I?). I was actually a very friendly and happy-go-lucky person when I was at school. I'm not giving myself credit for nothing here okay? Lots of my friends at school said so. Even the teachers. I was never gloomy or sad at school. I would always smile and laugh all the time. I missed that part of me, really. Nowadays, I can't bring myself to become like that anymore. Seriously, I missed being that person.

So, back to the topic. Yes, I used to do those things before I met both Myra and Wani. Even when school was almost over, I did all those things too, it's just that I have new friends that I can call my best friends.

It was actually after school was finally over and we were waiting for our results to come out, that I got close to both of them. We would spend so much time together.

This picture was taken when school was over and we were waiting for our results to come out. After Myra got back from PLKN to be exact. While waiting for the results to come out, Myra got sent to PLKN in Sarawak. Wani and I, work part times at the UM as an exam attendant instead. During that time, I bonded with Wani so much more since we spent every day together working. She also lived in the same neighborhood as I am, so meeting each other was not a problem.

When Myra got back from PLKN, we continued spending time each day together. Not even a single day I got bored for being with them. They really were my missing puzzle piece in the word FRIENDS. Then the first intake of local universities arrived. Both Wani and I applied for UPU but nothing came through, so we're stuck not having to further our study. Myra on the other hand applied at the PTPL College and made it. 

So, Myra got quite apart from us that time, spending only weekends with us. While Myra was busy in college, both Wani and I still continued our routine of going out to Times Square, only that it was less enjoyable because we weren't complete. A couple weeks later, both of us received this letter of invitation to do Form 6. Wani decided to go for it while I didn't because I didn't think I could make it. But, I went off to this 40 day Tabligh dakwah instead and I was separated with both of them once more. After the 40 day was over, I got offered to work as a PKS (Pekerja Khidmat Singkat) at the APMM (Angkatan Persekutuan Maritim Malaysia) in Putrajaya. Once more, all three of us were kind of separated, meeting only once in a while when we're not busy. Myra with her college assignments, Wani with her Form 6 life and new friends, and me, working at the APMM. 

After approximately two months and over, I tried applying Diploma in TESL during the december intake in Unisel and I got it. But I was offered for Foundation in TESL instead. To my surprise, Wani had applied for ID (Interior Designing) at UiTM and she got it too. And once more, all three of us separated. All three of us are finally furthering our study into higher education.

And that is why I'm here, now, in Unisel, doing my B. Ed. (HONS) TESL. I'll be finishing this course by the end of next year, Wani had finished her diploma earlier this year, while Myra had finished hers last year and now working under a fashion company called The Executive as a retail officer. I'm proud of her, and recently, she attended her graduation ceremony (I'm so terribly sorry to her because I couldn't attend her graduation ceremony because I had class that day itself). I'm so proud of being her friend. Now, I'll wait for Wani to become successful and hope that I'll be able to attend her graduation ceremony.

I love these two best 'gedik' friend so much that I don't think no one can replace them. Though at times we fought and had misunderstanding, we would always came through and be together again. Though we maybe separated at times, we would always find a way to get together and have fun like we always do. Though we may grow up and lose our sense of fun and childishness, we would always know how to enjoy each other's company and smile together. I love you guys, I really really do. You guys are the best bitch friend that I ever had. Please stay with me always...

Engkau jatuh, kami bangunkan
Engkau bersedih, kami ceriakan
Engkau gembira, kami lagi suka
Engkaulah kawanku, 
yang aku sayang...

p/s: I'm shivering in tears when I wrote this posts. I really did. I missed you guys. I love you guys and I really treasure our friendship.

Sewelful Night

Yes, my friend, that's Carls Junior. This was last Friday, 27th August.  Yona, Fifie, Ieza, Faiz, Ayie and I decided to go to One Utama to spend some time together while Fifie wanted to do some shopping. We went with separate cars because the girls decided to move a bit later than us. So, Faiz, Ayie, and I rode Fifie's car to OU first. The plan was actually to drop Ayie at KTM Sungai Buloh because he was heading back to Subang to his auntie's but he decided to join us hanging out first.

As we reached there, it was almost time to break-fast and so we were heading to the food court to eat first, but we took a pit stop at Carls because Faiz wanted to buy his food there. And so we did. To my surprise, Ayie had never eaten at Carls before. Now, that is news to me. Because as far I know, he had a lot of experience in eating at lots of places next to Afiq. Heh.

Since it was a holiday for people living in Selangor (Nuzul Quran), OU was packed with lots of people. It was crowded and restaurants everywhere were totally crowded. Thank goodness we decided to eat at the food court instead and just did takeaways at Carls. While waiting for our orders done, I took some photos.

Once we've taken our orders, we went to the food court. I was actually surprised because I thought it would be crowded but it wasn't. And I'm actually thankful for it because I wouldn't have to take a long time to look for tables. I bought this Fried Pan Mee with Black Pepper there. I thought it was kuey teow because it looks totally the same but it didn't. It tastes quite odd to me. It's like a pasta.

At the food court itself, another surprising thing happened. We bumped in with Ezyan who just got back from Giants buying some takoyakis. We followed her and found the rest of them; Amy, Liyana, Izzati, Sharon, and Ani too. It was fun meeting with them. I tasted this Black Pepper Beef Rice from Liyana and it tasted delish. And I asked from Ani for a bite of takoyaki because I haven't tasted it before. It tasted ............ weird for me. I didn't expect it to tastes like that because I had in my mind that it would tastes more like cuttlefish or squid because Tako in Japanese means Squid/Cuttlefish/Octupus if I still remembers. 

Anyway, after break-fasting, we head outside for some puff while waiting for the girls to arrive. Not long after that, they finally arrived there but they had some problems finding the parking because,

"the fucking is full, babeh"

as said by Ieza. That was so funny!!! So, in the mean time, we waited for them in front of Forever 21.

After quite some time waiting, we decided to went to the upper floors and hit the karaoke box while waiting for them. aaaaaaahhhh..... That was fun, even if its just for a while and not many songs that I wanted to sing was there, it was satisfying enough that I finally get to karaoke after a looooong time. While we were busy singing our throats off, the girls arrived and rent a room to karaoke for themselves. When we were done, they weren't. So we head to the arcade to spend more time. But it was time for Ayie to leave because he called his friends earlier to pick him up there since he didn't want to trouble us by sending him back to his auntie's at Subang. Bye, bye Ayie....

Ayie left and I turned in some cash for some tokens. I was sangat gatal tangan to play the para-para dancing machine. Yeaaaah, that was fun! Haven't played that thing for a looooong time and it was super satisfying!! Then it was the time to for me and Faiz to do our revenge on that House of The Dead 4. This time we managed to achieve level four and died during the boss. Darn it! Going to do much better next time!!

When both of us have finished our business, the girls were kind of tired and ready to head back. Just when we were ready to head back, a funny story happened. When arrived at OU, I gave the parking ticket to Ayie for him to keep and when he left, I've forgotten to take back the ticket. To cut it short, I had to pay a total of RM20 to pay for the lost ticket. Damn it! But the guard said that I can get my money back if I can give them parking ticket which 'accidentally lost' on Sunday. Heh, that'd be a problem cause we weren't thinking of going out again this weekend and Ayie also might not come back on Sunday.... Aiyoooh...

So, I had to pay RM20 and we were able to leave. But the night wasn't over yet. Although the girls was tired and kind of sleepy, I insisted that we're going somewhere for shisha because we had planned to do so from the beginning since any of the two things we planned that night didn't happened (watching The Expendables or going for karaoke at our usual place). I know, that was selfish of me, but sorry Yona, I'm sooooo dead meat on wanting to shisha so much!

And so, with my selfish-request, we head to Rasta in PJ. That was my first time there in was quite okay...

Ordered food, drinks and SHISHA!!!! And from there, the sewelness begins. We were kind of high from the shisha we took. I was really kind of high because the flavor Rose that Yona suggested. It was such a strong flavor and I got dizzy even after the first inhalation. Gaaaaahhhh.......

We were so high that we got so sewel!!!! And during the sewel-times, we were so crazy and played tricks on both Yona and Ieza because they are easy to make them 'melatah'. It was so fun!!!

Cam-whoring time~!!!

I forced yona to do the pigtail hairstyle and she did~!! So fucking cute!!!!

We were really crazy, I tell you! Taking pictures every minute!!!

And here it the best moments that night. We were so high and sewel that all three of us; Yona, Ieza and I, matchmake both Faiz and Fifie. And to our surprise, they agreed and tadaaaa~

Congratulations to our new couple :


So sweet, ain't them?
May both of you loved each other till death sets you apart and be happy, blissfully together!
Best wishes from me!

And with the unite of both Faiz and Fifie (the only sane people), all three of us (the insane and super sewel people) had so much fun laughing and seweling with each other. So crazy!!!

And, at 4pm over, Ayie came there with his friend but we could hang out there for just like a couple of minutes because Rasta was closing. Hanging out there was super fun though. We had so much fun time laughing and teasing with each other that I think we're the loudest and noisiest customer there. Even with just five of us, before Ayie came. Gonna ask Yona to come and hang out there again next time. It was fun!!!

We left to a nearby mamak because Ayie wanted to eat for sahur. Not so many thing to talk about there because all of them were so tired that even Faiz had fell asleep in the car and didn't want to come out. But the only thing that happened was when we were about to leave. To our surprise, Tangerina (Yona's car) had a little bit of an accident because she hit a divider, causing the skirting of the car to crack a bit. It's because she was too sleepy to drive back. And so it came to the conclusion that all five of us will have to drive back in one car since I'm the only person that is still energetic and awake enough to drive us all the way back to Unisel. Yona was too sleepy, Faiz is already asleep, Fifie can't drive during the night, and Ieza have no driving license. Ayie will have to hold on to Fifie's car until he comes back to Unisel on Sunday, perhaps.

And I drove them back all the way to Unisel. Thank goodness that Ieza is still awake and I wasn't so bored driving all alone when all of the others had fell asleep.

I want to thank Yona for that night. That was a lot of fun!!! And I haven't had that much fun with her since a long time! Thanks a lot, babe!!! I missed hanging out with you!!!!!

Mini Surprise Birthday Party

[So, do you guys want to know what really happened?]

As soon as we arrived at the Mosque, the car was fine, Sharon was fine and everything was fine. If everything was fine, what was the problem? The problem is that the birthday girl. Ah, yes... it was Sharon's birthday that day after all. Just so you know, since it was kind of a hectic day, the birthday girl didn't get anything good on that day itself. She got stressed on assignments, pressured because she doesn't like to make people wait for her (the event of where we were waiting for her at the CIMB Bank), and she was utterly gloomed because while she was rushing to us while we were waiting for her at the bank, a car hit hers from the back, leaving a scratch.

Who wouldn't get pressured or tensed over all of this troublesome things? I know I'd be in total despair of frustration. So, Amy told us that they were hoping that the dinner would actually lasts longer. She thought that they would just go to the mosque to do the prayer for only a little while and they would come join us again at the restaurant and hang out some more but since we already left, she didn't know how to cheer Sharon up. 

Then it strike me, that we should do a mini surprise birthday party for her. So, I planned it with both Amy and Faiz. We let the girls go back home to Taman Ilmu first while Faiz, Adi, and I would go to the Secret Recipe outlet nearby and bought a cake with my balance money. We bought a Chocolate Indulgence because Amy told us that Sharon loooooooves chocolate. The cake was RM75 in total but I don't mind and we split paying the cake between all three of us.

So, everything went according to plan. They went home to Taman Ilmu and Adi dropped both Faiz and I at our Faculty because we had this TESL Club proposal meeting. Once the meeting was over, we quickly called Adi to pick us up again and execute the birthday plan. 

And it worked!

Sharon was speechless because she was already upset about her birthday turn out to be one unfortunate day. But she looked happy and touched because she really didn't expect that we had planned to throw this party. Although it was a mini party, it was still fun though. 

All of us were like laughing and talking, and then we requested that Sharon took out her guitar and the guys started to play songs. We were singing together, enjoying the time and the company. I was super happy too. It was really not a major party or even a formal the usual surprise birthday party (all we had was just one cake and 4 big bottles of carbonated drink). It was really simple, but as long as everyone was happy and having fun, that's more than enough for me.

When it gets later, I started thinking of asking Ezyan and Sharon to do some dance, but Sharon refused time after times saying that she was a 'kayu'. She doesn't know how to dance. Hahahahaha!! So cute! But instead, I went inside their house and had a little dancing practice session with Ezyan. She taught me some of the moves from Korean songs and man, she was super good! Her moves are very well co-ordinated and well done. I was sweating like a pig that night, trying to catch up with her by following the dance moves.

But, for what it's worth, it was fun. Really.

Happy Birthday, Sharon Bentley!!!!!

Celebration Dinner

26th August, Thursday.

It is still on the same day, after the previous post. Mr.Mus's class had finished early and all of us went back home to rest. Then suddenly I got to know that the boys are planning to break-fast outside. When I ask, where, they said it was at Pasir Penambang, the same seafood restaurant the we had been for a couple of times. I guess these boys are really just crazy for the so-called 'high kangkung' dish. Hahahaha, so silly!

This time we were joined by Sharon, Izzati, Amy, Ezyan and Adi too. Now that's fun. Why? Because rather than us, we invited someone else that rarely spends time with us, especially the girls... Adi had been hanging out at our house for past couple weeks already and he is a very nice company, not to mention a very entertaining one too. Hahaha, jokes aside, he even helped with the studying for the past couple tests that we had. Thanks Adi.

Since we are going there with a larger group now, two cars isn't enough and Sharon brought hers too. Afiq, Faizal, Mien, Ayie, and Widad (Widad's car) already move ahead first. It was me, Adi, and Faiz (Adi's car) that waited for Sharon, Izzati, Amy, and Ezyan (Sharon's car) because they didn't know the location. While waiting for them, I had told them that we'd be waiting by the CIMB Bank in Pekan BB because I wanted to withdraw some money to pay for the dinner. The ATM machine however kinda couldn't do transaction from other banks (my card was a Bank Islam card) and I couldn't withdraw the money there. I thought we could go to the CIMB Bank in Kuala Selangor instead. While waiting, I did a couple of cam-whoring session...

Not long after (while I'm busy snapping lots and lots of me-pics), Sharon met up with us and we started moving to Kuala Selangor. Gaaah, that girl drive like crazy. Crazy and dangerous like I do...

Once we reached Kuala Selangor, we took a pit stop at the Shell because Adi wanted to fill his car gas while I went to the CIMB Bank nearby to withdraw my money, and thank goodness I was able to. Alhamdulillah... Once we're done with our little business, we started moving to the dinner location.

aaaah... here it is, our favorite seafood restaurant.
when we got there, the view was beautiful and I decided to took a snap of it...

Ayie told me that we should have gotten there earlier because the view was much more breath-taking before we arrived. He showed me the photos which he took and I was amazed... It was very pretty. Darn it!!

Afiq had ordered the foods already and all we had to do was wait...

This is the actual (whole party)

Clockwise from bottom : Adi, Izzati, Sharon, Amy, Ezyan, Widad, Afiq, Mien, Pejal, Ayie, Faiz & Me.

Still waiting...

And the foods finally arrived. And everybody dug in because we were so hungry.

However, the dinner didn't last long because Sharon had to leave and bring Amy, Izzati, and Ezyan to the mosque in Kuala Selangor because they wanted to do their prayer. Shame on me... boo-hoo......

After they left, it wasn't that long before us, too, head back. On our way back, I asked Adi if we could took a pit stop at the Watson's in Kuala Selangor because I wanted to buy my facial wash cleaner because mine had finished and I don't feel right without washing my face even for at least once a day. Once I'm done, we were heading back... BUT! As we were almost halfway, (more like halfway to a halfway back), Amy called us and asked us if we could meet them back at the Mosque. All three of us, me, Faiz, and Adi were so worried suddenly. We had thought if Sharon was tired and can't drive back to Taman Ilmu or whether they are having some problems, or even maybe something urgent had happened. 

And so, we rushed back to them at the Mosque..... and to our surprise, we found out that Amy called us because..........................................

[do you guys want to know what happened? Read on the next post... it's a totally different story...]


26th August, Thursday.
Later, that afternoon after Madam Nuraini's class at 2pm, Mr. Mus decided to make his class a bit early and he had combined both the sixth semester group ? and mine. So, the class was fucking packed. Seriously packed. The purpose of the combined class is just to make it easier for him to relay his message to the students about the same assignments for different group. So, it was major packed!!!

Seriously packed, isn't it? But when it is this packed and everyone was there, I found an opportunity to snap some of our classmates photos since I haven't taken photos of my classmates for quite a while already. We were so busy and caught up piles of assignments and Mr.Mus's assignments was the last part of those piling assignments. When we turned up all of his assignments, it was the end of our hectic piles of assignment.

Now, the only ones left are the assignment from Madam Pushpa and Madam Charanjit. So, there's some resting time for us before starting our next assignments.


I missed Errekka a fucking lot, man. She's been so busy with MPP and she just got back from India that we rarely sees her in class anymore. Miss you a lot Kak Ika!

Ayie joined our class for a moment because he had no class and wanted to kill time. Mr.Mus was fine with it though. So, what the heck, the freaking more it gets, the fucking merrier it'll be. Hahahah!

Zue and Sue, malu2 kucing when I took their pictures.

And this is after a little talk, so they agreed to pose for a snap. Acaaaap!!! Hahahaha!

Aaaaww.... this couple is so cute. I wanted to take a picture of both of them and this is what I get...

Btw, that day was Sharon's birthday!!

Mr.Mus, giving instructions and guidance on assignments.

Cute, cute, super cute!

A little rock-looking pose! Thanks Pija, for being so 'sporting'!! Cheers!

Look at Zue's face. She knew I was taking pictures of them and she was actually posing. hahaha!

Focus la perempuan, Mr.Mus is giving you directions over there!

Our birthday girl is super cute!

And a little cam-whoring for me and my best gedix friend, Yona.
Love you lots and lots, bitch!!!

and that's me, saying thanks to you guys as my reader for spending some time, going through all my crappy blog post. Thanks a lot!!!!

Cheers, PEACE, and LAUGH ALWAYS okay?

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