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Why Vampires Suck?

Lately, the world of media is overwhelmed and overrated with all those movies that have everything to do with vampires ( I mean really overwhelming and overrated ), because since the first hit of Twilight movie, media has been casting off and broadcasting a lot of movies and TV shows that have something to do with vampires. For example, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistants, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

It's not really a problem if they can come up with great movies or stories about real facts of Vampire. I'm so sorry Stephenie Meyer but your facts about Vampires is like totally false. Everybody knows that Vampire sleeps in the day and for the record they can't even be in the presence of daylight, more even in the sunlight. And hello............. sparkling vampires???? I mean WTF!!

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Fact number 1 : Vampires do not glitter or sparkles in the sunlight because their body is beautiful or whatever BUT they get toast and burn to ash if they stay in the sunlight.

Fact number 2 : Vampires do not stay awake all the time and the fact that they don't sleep is totally wrong. Although they are the undead, they also need rest ( I know it doesn't make sense but the presence of daylight weakens them as the shadows of the night is their nature ). Thus the reason why most previous movies of vampires always have something to do with vampires sleeping in the coffin in daylight.

Fact number 3 : As far as most people knows, vampires don't have any more soul or humanity in their heart. Thus it is so f'ing impossible for them to be all mushy and weak just because of love. I personally rejects the idea of a vampire being such romantic creatures. That truly spoils the image of a real vamp.

Basically I do not hate Stephenie Meyer but her movies and books. She just totally spoils the image of a real vampire. Unlike the story True Blood, the realistic image of a vampire is sho iwn quite okay.

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This TV shows that has a lot of hit recently for it's much better quality for a vampire movie or story is personally my better choice if I wanted a real juicy vampire story. It is so and by far the best story about vampire there is. You'll have to watch it to find out.

But what I'm not sure about the portrayed image of vampire in this movie is the fact that they explo-splat when they are staked with a wooden object and that they do not fear crucifixes or cross none whatsoever but they can't touch with silver. That left me to ponder.

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Personally, I don't hate vampires cause some of them are hot and very alluring, they make such a very cool creature of the dark (or night) but I pity them because they are actually quite fragile. They can't stay in sunlight or they get burned, they can't stand at the side of crucifixes (or silver) cause it's holy item, they need blood to survive and to do that they had to drain humans (or animals), they had to leave their family, they are condemned by the god, and they had to suffer for all eternity.

So, yeah, Vampires sucks major BIG TIME!!!

Thanks Nuffnang for letting me share my point of view on vampire movies nowadays.

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