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What If I’m a Russian Spy

So, what it would be if I am a Russian spy?

So, as I am Russian spy, most people would think that spies are very proficient in gathering information, assassination (though spies job is more into securing the target into a corner of some sort so that the real assassin would do their job), infiltration, or sorta. But my specialty would be more than just that.

So, you see, Mother Russia has briefly assigned me to do a very difficult mission that would most probably killed me if I'm not careful. I was entrusted a mission to infiltrate the Royal Palace of Saudi Arabia and assassinate The Sultan Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

My choice of options to execute this mission would be first to fly there using the headquarters' jet plane and land by the covers of the sand dunes. I would disguise myself as an Arabian dancer, like this : 

I wouldn't carry any weapons even in my disguise because I would make good use of any tools that I found when I'll infiltrate the palace. As I reached the Royal Palace, there might be some difficulties in trying to get in there to get an audience with the Sultan. Then I'll make use of my disguise as a dancer and requested a permission to do a performance for the sultan. Worst case scenario would be that I will join any entourage for public performance for the sultan. 

Once I have access inside, I will first stay inside the palace for one day, to collect information for me to use, such as the guards roster, the locations of every room in the palace, the escape route, the sultan's daily schedule and most of all, any type of weapons that I can use to kill the sultan. Once I've collected enough data, I'll plan my assassination. At this point, I have three option of maybe four (the forth maybe a little bit 18SX).

Option 1 : I'll join the performance group and entertain the sultan while he dines. Once I've seen an opportunity, I'll dash by his side and break his neck by locking his throat and then twist his head over. Once that, reach any kind of weapon nearby and start attacking the guards that will come after me.

Option 2 : Go to the kitchen, offer some help there and when opportunity rises, poison his food and drinks, or much better, poison all the foods and let everyone die.

Option 3 : Find a bow somewhere or from a guard and strike him from afar and silently escapes.

or Option 4 : Request the sultan a private audience and do a special dance for him which acquire adult and sex action. And while he's busy enjoying the "treatment", kill him in the most cruelest way ever possible.

After I'm done assassinating the sultan, I'll take a memento or a proof of his death. Then, I'll make a quick and sleek escape without attracting too much attention towards myself. Retreat back to the sand dunes where I hid the jet plane and finally return to Russia to report my mission.

So, that's basically what would I do if I am a Russian spy. I hope I get to see the screening of SALT. I've been dying to watch it since January when I saw this movie trailer with my friend earlier this year. Both of us have been waiting for that movie a long time. I really hope to get to see this movie, and maybe won the camera, if I'm lucky. Thanks nuffnang for giving me this opportunity to expand my skills in journalism skills.

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