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Waterlily Venture

Last week, I was kinda lazy updating my blog, so here's some things that happened while I'm at it.
Didn't quite remember which day it was, but that evening, me and Faiz went for a stroll around Taman Ilmu. But on that evening, I dared him if we'd take an unknown road behind our neighborhood and we come across  the farm where all those cows that have been wondering abouts in unisel.

And besides it, the waterlily lake that we can see every time on our way back from class to Taman Ilmu.

As we were about to leave, I asked him if he would dare to go deeper inside the unknown area.

And so we go deeper. And guess what we found???

Along the road as we went deeper inside, there's waterlily everywhere by the roadside.

And by the end of dead end of the road, I was at awe looking at all those waterlilies. There were lots of it~

And that concludes our Waterlily Venture~

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