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Uptown Danau Kota Trip

Saturday, 3rd July. Nothing much happened during the day. But something happened during the night.

Because of some promises or things that Faiz had requested of Aza, that night we went out to Danau Kota because Faiz had never went there before. Now that I am super surprised because he had never went there before. Whatevers. Anyway, right after we arrived, we went to :

Mali's Corner

Since all of us were hungry cause we didn't had dinner before we went to Danau Kota, so we ate there first. There were lots of funny thing happened while we were spending time there. Lots of gelak-gelak and ketawa-ketawa. And since I kind of accidentally "chipped" my tooth when I slept earlier that evening, I can't pronounce the letter "s" quite fluently.... dang it..... But there were lots of thing we did laugh about too.

Dah habis makan ape sume, we head to the uptown itself. At first all of us, Azza, Ieza, Syida, Faiz, Pejal, Ayie and I walked together but then we split up, the guys followed me, while the girls followed Azza. We walked around and round looking at things. Pejal bought a few things for himself cause he had bring along extra cash, but too bad for Faiz, Ayie and me because we didn't bring any extra cash, so all we did was watch... That sounds sooo bad. Hahaha...

The guys finished shopping earlier than the girls so head out first. By the entrance of the uptown, we bought some refreshment because it was hot (lots of people) and our throats are kinda parched. They bought drinks while I bough this :

Ice-cube-shaped strawberry-flavored ice-cream
(doesn't taste like strawberry at all...)

Oh, Faiz and Ayie bought Jagung Bakar

Right after that, kitorang terus pergi kat kereta and tunggu gadis-gadis. While waiting, we snap some pictures!

Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!! Bila otak dah kreatif sangat!!!!

After some minutes waiting, it started raining and thank goodness the girls already arrived. We didn't went anywhere else, we head straight back home. During our way back on the road, we met with Mien who was driving alone back from dating with his gf at Shah Alam. We were racing like crazy, it was soooooo fun!!!! By the time we reached it wasn't raining any longer. Faizal went back home early cause he was sleepy already but the rest of us stayed and lepak in front of Azza's house.

We talked and talked until there was nothing to talk and we started playing teka-teki until nobody could come out with any teka-teki anymore and then we play some stupid word games.... So much laughing...!!! At almost 4am or so, everybody went home and sleep but I didn't I stayed over at Azza's house helping her and Syida put up the stickers they bought at Danau on their walls... it was soooo pretty!!! After some tiring efforts of putting up the stickers, I finally slept at Syida's room....

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