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Twilight Saga : Eclipse (Review)

Last Wednesday, I went to catch the flick Twilight : Eclipse movie with Fifie. It was supposed to be a party of which consists of Yona, GG, Fifie and me, but suddenly a thing came up and Yona and her bf couldn't make it. So, only Fifie and I were able to go to watch it.

As usual, the ticket reservation that we booked had expired and we had to manually line up for tickets instead. Anyway, thanks Fiffie for treating me!!! The movie lasted until almost two hours. Boy, that is one long movie.

Here's some of the pics taken while we're there in One Utama.

That's me! Playing at the escalators~! It was already past 12, so all the machines stopped working.

So, Here's the review :

The movie itself as promised by the director this time has been inserted some actions and it was amazing. I'd give the fighting and the plot for this time a 7 out of 10. But, there wasn't too much action scenes. Just a little bit here and there which is actually not quite satisfying. They still put up a lot of lovey-dovey scene between Edward and Bella which is quite frankly beginning to get very boring and vomiting. Hello Twilight directors and upcoming Breaking Dawn director, are you listening? Movie-goers are getting boring of Edward and Bella love scenes. We get it already that they are deeply and madly in love. But we're getting sick of it. Enough of it. Thank goodness this installment of Twilight doesn't focuses too much on Edward and Bella. They did try to insert some backgrounds story for Jasper, Rosalie and some of the Cullens, but still not enough. And too bad for the Victoria role, Rachelle has been replaced by Bryce. Bryce did a really good job of playing Victoria, and she did her best but we believed that Rachelle shouldn't have been replaced since she was the first Victoria and we were accustomed to how she played it. She fits Victoria role much better. Don't get me wrong, Bryce was hot as a vampire but she's more of a pretty vampire more than Rachelle as a mean and cruel vampire.

So, that's basically my reviews for the Twilight : Eclipse movie. Thanks for reading, my dear beloved readers!!

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