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Trip to IKEA

Yesterday, everyone went out except for me and Zul but as things never did come the way it seems, suddenly Sharon asked us to follow her to IKEA. Actually she wanted to buy the textbook for Madam Nuraini's class next week but suddenly it turned out to be a trip to IKEA, after all. we spent the whole afternoon in IKEA.

So here's the story. At approximately 2.30pm, Sharon came and pick us up. So without delay we went ahead to IKEA. It was one funny roller-coaster ride!! I guess this is what my friends used to feel like when I'm driving like crazy in unisel area. So bumpy and so jumpy. And for the first time ever, after a looooooooooong time, I finally felt mabuk like I used to when I was kid. *When I was little, whenever I sit in a car, and using air-conds, I get nauseous and felt like vomiting.* So, for the first time ever after a long time, I felt nauseous. Sorry Sharon, I need to train myself more if I ever wanted a ride from you again. Hahahaha!

Ms Sharon Bentley - The Driver

So, after a while driving.... almost one hour plus cause there was a lot of traffic
We finally made it to IKEA~!!! Yeaaay *clap hands*

We got in the parking lot and bam! There are tons of cars, that means... it's crowded.

Time : 4.06pm Looking for parking space
Time : 4.36pm Still looking for parking space.... (T_T)

After a while, we finally found a parking space. Looking for one was hell as hard as funny because we were like "there, there!" and then someone already took the parking and some more "over there!" and we saw somebody else was already waiting for that space. Sucks big time but we finally we got one. And we went in.

First stop, the CAFETERIA. Man, all of us were hungry and I wanted to taste that meatballs that everyone was talking about. They said it was good and I had to taste them. And as we arrive at the cafeteria, another bummer, there was a huge line of people queuing to buy the meatballs.

Damn long line...So we got in line, waiting.
Still waiting...
And we finally arrived at the counters.
and tada~
Everyone's food compiled together!

So, I had :
10 pieces of those meatballs, 2 chicken wings, 1 chicken soup, 1 Daim cake & 1 mineral water. they said I took a full course meal : Appetizer (Chicken Soup & Chicken Wings), Main Course (Meatballs) & Desserts (Daim Cake). Hahahaha......

So, here's the famous meatball plate which consists of 10 pieces of beef meatballs, some fries, brown sauce & strawberry jam (ugh I know, what the heck?!). I've tasted it and to my surprise, it's not that good at all, I mean, the meatballs maybe the best quality meatballs we could ever had in Malaysia but it's just not that super delicious like everybody said so. To me, it's just plain beef meatballs. The fries go quite well with the brown sauce and the strawberry jam. Trust me, it goes very well. Well, you have to taste it to believe it. 

I could only ate 7 meatballs cause I was already full at that time. The Daim cake was super delicious!! You have got to taste it~!! The chicken soup : NOT delicious at all. The chicken wings : Not bad. 

Anyway, after the meal, I went out with Zul for ciggies and when we came back inside, the girls were gone. So, we went to he inside of the IKEA and went to see the furnitures. Suddenly, I got separated with Zul and I was left alone. But it didn't bother me as for I was so interested looking at the furnitures and stuff. I already thought of what my house would look like and imagine living in that look by looking at the models they've sampled.

This is my dining room~ haha
My kitchen... hehe~
Tea time table~
And living room!

I couldn't find a model of bedroom and bathroom which is in green colour (or pink!) so I didn't snap any of it. And so, I walked all the way first floor until the lower floor fascinated by almost everything that chic, unique, stylish, green and pink! Drawers, cupboards, study table, kitchenwares, toilet's accessories, and blah blah blah..... By the end of the items, suddenly the path leads to a gudang (what's the word in English?) full of boxed and cartoned items into stacks of big shelves which is in one large gudang. I was ecstatic that time. I was impressed and awe. I was speechless.... looking at it. I don't know the word but somehow it fel majestic and awesome........... I stared and stared and looked and view and was at loss for words looking at all of it.

The sights that caught my eyes.
I felt incredibly small looking at these alleys of items and racks.

So damn cool~!!!

After a while, I felt like just staying there, standing and staring at almost everything but I've remembered that I came here with friends and I can't stay there for a long time. aaaaaa... I wish I could stay longer. Ughh... I'm gonna go there again when I went back to KL soon.

Anyway, so I finally met up with my friends again at the top floor of the IKEA where there are other stores and shops located. and I went to this Pet Safari place with zul, looking at the animals.

So we went in and went to the Reptilian sections.

This is one large frog... really.. it's even bigger than my hands!

On to the cute section~


These bunnies are really cute!!!! I wish I could take one and hold him, and press him as hard as I can. Nak picit2 je badan dy, muke dy...everything laa!!! Comel gilerr!!

After that, we went downstairs cause Belle wanted to buy some things at the Guardians.

Oh yeah, before that, I bought a Caramel Chocolate Chip Venti at Starbucks!!!
God it tastes great every single time I drink it... I guess I should try a new type or flavor but I don't know what would taste nice. Better ask Izzy first.

Finally, we went back to Taman Ilmu. This time again riding the Sharon's express roller-coaster was much better since it was raining, leading to the conclusion that Sharon can't drive fast cause she can't see quite well in the rain and the night.

Finally when we reached home, dinner time~!!!
I forgot to tell you, before going to the car park before going back, Zul and I took a quick pit stop at a sushi store and bought some sushies (can we say that? For pluralized Sushi, Sushies???) Silly me!


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