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Taman Ilmu Tour Rides

Earlier this evening at 5.30pm or so, Faiz woke up from his afternoon nap and felt hungry. Since Faizal and I were the only ones available to ask to follow he only asked us two. The others :

Zack : out (don't know where he went)
Afiq : went out with Widad
Mien : went out with Yona to buy the textbook for next week assignments
Acap : have not come back yet
Yat : same as above
Ayie : same as above
Zul : fast asleep in his room

So that left me and Faizal. So, we went to Babu just the three of us. As we arrived there, we saw Acap with Sue having teatime. What a surprise! But they were almost done when we got there and they left a couple moments later. So.... what to eat?! I was hungry too.

Penat kehulur kehilir garu2 kepala, bodek sini, bodek sana tgk ape nak makan, akhirnya order Roti Tampal 2, Telur Setengah Masak 2, Nasi Goreng 1 pinggan and Air Kosong 2 (macam biasa laaaa...)

Ni gamba nasi goreng campur dua jenis sambal by the side...

So, makan yang tu dulu la since telur and roti siap lambat. By the way, roti tampal bukan sampai dua pown ak makan, satu je nak makan, yg lagi satu belanja pejal because dia x cukup duit.

Tengok laa.. takkan la ak nak biarkan dy makan keropok je while ak makan banyak2?!

Then, after that teatime, we went back home but did not went inside, instead we stayed at the front yard for some moments chatting until we were all agreed to check out Atikah's house in Taman Ilmu which we had never come to visit yet. 

Too bad for us since Atikah was not home. Her house was totally empty. Trying not to depress ourselves, we went for a little tour around Taman Ilmu on our bikes instead. Here's a clip.

After that little tour was over, we lepak in front of our house some more and chat some more. Suddenly we say Yona's car came by dropping Mien.

As it turned out to be, they were not able to found the textbook as well. Too bad for them. But it turned out to be one great outing for Mien. He managed to shop at Padini, and stop by TTDI to collect his free ticket to go to the World Stage.

Gosh, he's so lucky he could get there!!!!

After some borak2 and perli2 mien about his world stage tickets and new shirts and blah blah blah. We finally went inside our house. End of post. Hahahahaha!!! Cheers!


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