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Keropok Lekor + Porridge Rice = Tea Time

Right after the Waterlily Venture with Faiz, we decided to stop by Yona's house cause we knew that they'd be playing badmintons in front of their house. Not Yona, but Azza and the others. As we're on our way, guess who we bumped into?

Zul and Mien!
Whoa, he's so enthusiastic in riding that bike...

And so, as we arrived there, we saw Azza and Syida hanging outside but not playing badminton. But we stayed there and chat for a while.

Sexy schmexy~

Ultra hotness schmexy~!!!

After a moment, Mien went back house returning the bike and then Yona came outside.

After a couple of minute, Mien came over with his car after losing his car keys for almost a day (that's a different funny story that I'm not gonna tell...too many details..). And he wanted to go for some tea time and invited us. So, the only agreed party was me, Faiz, Faizal, Mien, Zul and Yona.

On the way,

As we arrived there, we ordered some food and I ordered some keropok...
yumm yumm...

But the smell of the fish extract inside this keropok made all the cats came and begging for food... aiyoooh... so pity for them, so I ended up giving almost half of the plate of keropok to them..
the small kitten is soooo cute!!! (the one on the bottom left side of the picture)

And because they had eaten half of it, I had to order a Nasi Bubur to fill my stomach cause that was gonna be my dinner and I won't eat later in the night. And so we do our usual thing:
talk, crap, kutok, bahan, laughing, joking, being crazy...blah blah blah...

And so, as we finished everything, we head back.

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