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Reminiscing Eve

original photo

Last evening, after Mr.Mus's class, Faiz and I went to the Lakeside behind our Engineering Fac. We used to go there all the time when we still stayed in hostel, but now since we've stayed outside, we rarely went there but then yesterday we decided to go there for some fresh air... 

Bringing only these things and my pack of ciggies, we chatted like we used to...

Bla bla bla....

Took an opportunity to snap some photos but these were the best and I screwed it over some suck editing skills... la la la~

Got inspired for a short poem :

The cool flow of the air
ah, such gentle breeze
such refreshing breaths
of the evening's wind

The mesmerizing heat of the sun
oh, such blinding flare
such magnifying rays
of the sunlight's beam

The soothing sensation of the lake
ah, such serene aqua
such everlasting calm
of the lake water's splash

The great wonders of nature
oh, such relaxing beat
such tranquilizing remedy
to the broken hearted souls

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